Christmas Decorations Already Up?

We haven't seen anything major, but we expect the Halloween decorations may be replaced this weekend.

So if you've got your Christmas decorations up outside, aren't you sort of jumping the gun? We've seen a few already, though they're sort of tame so far–wreaths, a reindeer or two–no blowups or lights. Of course if you're doing it now, you'll have at least three weekends to display them, won't you? So maybe you should take down the decorative pumpkins and start replacing them this week. Just a suggestion.

The Bus Back Home

Hi ho, it's back to college we go. A huge group had just been dropped off by one Coach USA bus at and was waiting for another that would be taking them back to Ithaca, they said. We sort of felt sorry for the bus driver since every single kid had lots of belongings to stow underneath the bus and there was just the driver to hoist them.

Rockets Shoot Up

About a dozen Cub Scouts from Troop 12 of  braved the Saturday morning cold to shoot off rockets at . One dad explained that there was no experiment going on, it was just 'for fun and education'. Getting those rockets soaring was tough going with the wind whipping around but it did look fun.

Too Cold for Shorts

Just who were those guys–in shorts, no less–running around the  field in 30 degree weather? It was the annual Turkey Trot  flag football game starring the old guys against the young guys, said spectator Jonathan Ridgewell, the church's youth leader. And just what constitutes an 'old guy' we wanted to know?

"Anyone over 25," was his answer.

Christmas tree Lot at the y

It was opening weekend for  (its 40th annual) at the  and several volunteers along with a few adults were setting up lots of pretty trees and wreaths in the back of the parking lot. Proceeds from the sale will go for 'good works' said the Y's CEO Rick Claydon, programs like child mentoring, grief programs and camp scholarships.

Trees here (there are 500 of them) are selling for $55-$80, and the largest are 10' tall.

[Editor's note: When you do grab one, check out some of ]


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