Donations Requested for Ridgewood Family Who Lost Home to Fire

Clothes and other items are being collected to help the Cumbo family, whose lives were upended on Monday.

A fire ripped through their Ridgewood house on Monday. Since then, the Cumbo family have been bouncing between neighbors as they try to rebuild their lives.

The vast majority of their possessions were burned in a 3-alarm fire that forced the building inspector to condemn the home. They had only come to Ridgewood a few months ago from Massachusetts.

If not for an alert crew of utility workers who spotted the fire in the roof of their E. Saddle River Rd. home Monday afternoon, it could have been worse. The teenage children and dog found safety and firefighters soon after rescued the family cat as the home was fully engulfed by flames.

Dad's Night are among the many Ridgewood neighbors who have stepped in to help the family rebuild.

Paul D'Arpa, who's helping coordinate the donation effort, said the family could use a few items, so he's hoping the good folks of Ridgewood drop items off at 574 Racetrack Rd. East.

According to the list from the Cumbo family made at the request of Dad's Night, they're mostly in need of clothes.

Thirteen-year-old John has requested snow boots (size 9), a winter coat (boys XL or men's medium) and shirts (boys XL). Emily, 15, is in need of shirts (juniors, medium), pants (size 3, juniors), snow boots (size 9) and a winter coat (medium). Matriarch Karen could use snow boots (size 8.5) and a winter coat (women's XL).

Father Frank Cumbo is asking for dress pants (size 34/32) and is also in need of a pair of sneakers, size 10.

Those who would like to provide gift cards are also welcome to do so.

Pillows and blankets would also be appreciated, D'Arpa said. The list described above is not exclusive – the house was a total loss, so there are other items that could prove useful. 

The family – who have been grateful for the support – have found a rental in town and are currently going over the paperwork, hopefully moving in quickly. 

If you have any questions on what items to donate, reach out to Paul Darpa at pdemail18@yahoo.com.

Boyd A. Loving November 11, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Any word yet as to what caused the fire?
Karen Cumbo November 13, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Yes, it was an electrical fire caused by a surge in the power box to our house from where the out of state power technicians were fixing the electricity.


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