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Quiz Asks: 'How Bergen County Are You?'

New online quiz uses malls and spray tans as some of the metrics.

How Bergen County are you? There’s a quiz for that. But, you might not like the results.

A new quiz posted on BuzzFeed tests takers’ Bergen County-ness, using malls, spray tanning, and wealth as some of the metrics. The quiz asks BuzzFeed readers to identify which things they’ve done before to see just how Bergen County they are.

Some of the indicators include whether or not you live within 10 minutes of more than two malls, know someone who got her nails done regularly in high school, hate McMansions, and know people who wear Juicy track suits and Tiffany charm bracelets. 

Find out whether BuzzFeed’s classification of Bergen is outrageously stereotyped, or spot on, by taking the quiz here.

Steve R April 16, 2014 at 03:13 PM
This quiz offends me. I grew up in Bergen County, and just because I am not shallow and vapid, I am not "Bergen" enough? Bite me!


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