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VIDEO: Jersey Shore Beach Conditions And Traffic

Villager Saves Dog From Would-Be Accident

Don Cooper saves a dog from what could have been an awful fate; one resident skis at Vets Field ; and Valley could use a new snowblower operator.

Good Samaritan Don Cooper leaped out of his car to rescue a runaway dog Tuesday morning on Linwood Ave. The pooch had a collar on but no leash. It had sashayed into traffic at rush hour as cars braked to avoid it. Cooper scooped up the little black dog after trailing it on the sidewalk, then walked house-to-house asking after its owner.

Success at last! The dog owner had workers over who'd left a door open.

Good going, Don.

The Slopes at Vets Field Better Than CampGaw?

James was cross country skiing at today, and as he went back and forth along the field he explained that this was perfect exercise.

"I can't believe nobody's out here with me," James said. (Actually, there were walkers and runners ringing the walk around Vets but certainly no one else skiing).

"I ski for an hour and a half every single day," James told us.

Valley Sidewalk Gaffe?

It looked like a whoops moment for whoever plowed the sidewalk at . The overzealous plower went wide and uprooted large chunks of sod. And we thought only we did goofed like that.


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