Fox News Parallels Whitney's Death to Harding Pharmacy Lawsuit

Experts weigh in on how culpable pharmacies should be in cases of drug overdose

What does Whitney Houston's death have to do with a Ridgewood pharmacy? According to some experts interviewed by a Fox News reporter, quite a bit.

As speculation grows that a noted Beverly Hills pharmacy may be the link to Houston's death, reportedly over a possible overdose of Xanax, there may be parallels to a case settled in New Jersey – one centered on culpability and responsibility.

In December, Harding Pharmacy elected to pay $1.9 million in a settlement to Scott Simon, a Saddle River man who had ingested drugs stolen from an ex-Harding's worker at a party in 2007.

One expert told Fox News it wasn't about how culpable the pharmacy was in the incident, but having the most cash for a settlement.

"You're not punishing bad behavior; you're punishing successful behavior," the expert said of the settlement between the pharmacy and Simon.

Those views seem to be in line with the residents eager to support the longtime pharmacy when we took a poll a few months ago.

Simon suffers from nerve damage as a result of slipping into a coma at the party, his lawyer argued. His lawsuit alleged guests hesitated to take him to the hospital until he'd already fallen into the coma, causing physical damage. He cannot walk or feed himself, Fox News reported.

The ex-Harding employee, party guests and the homeowner where the party took place will contribute the remaining portion of the total $4.1 million suit.

Fan of Ridgewood February 19, 2012 at 09:19 PM
How disgusting that anyone is held culpable just because they have the means to pay. We have lost so much of our sense of individual responsibility. "It takes a village to pay for the irresponsible behavior of a child."


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