Map: Internet Speeds in Bergen County

Where does your town rank?

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
Having any trouble viewing the above map? If you live in Bergen County, chances are it loaded just fine.

According to a national survey of internet speeds by tech website Gizmodo, the northeastern corner of New Jersey is situated within a region that accesses the web on average 60 percent faster than the rest of the country.

The statistics compiled by the website show an average web speed of 18.2 megabytes per second, though the national range represents a vast disparity, usually correlated with income.

The exception to the rule is the fastest town, Ephrata, Wash., which is home to its own fiberoptics provider and boasts a speed of 85.5 Mbps, more than four times the national average. The slowest, Chinle, Ariz., clocks in at a mere 0.84 Mbps.

Even within Bergen County, where internet speeds are generally high, there's still quite a range.

River Edge, which Gizmodo ranked 12th nationally in average speed, tested twice the national average at 37.3 Mbps. Englewood, which out of the Bergen towns where data was available had the slowest speed - 2,494th nationally - came in just under the average at 17.55 Mbps.

Other Bergen towns came in everywhere between. See the map above to find out where your town ranks.


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