Secret Studio Thrives as Cultural Hub in New Location

It’s hard to pin down exactly what Secret Studio is—not because anything confidential is happening on the premises, but because the eclectic mix of merchandise is largely the projection of owner Dianne Goldman’s personality.

“Whatever I like, I sell,” Goldman says of the shop’s collection, ranging from anime and Dr. Who memorabilia to unique gifts for new mothers. “It doesn’t matter how popular it is. If I don’t like it, I can’t sell it.”

One of the ways she makes that business model work is by bringing customers who share her interests into the fold, with a monthly Dr. Who discussion club and a DIY (do it yourself) section of the store that serves as a hangout for customers to produce their own art projects.

“My goal is to bring together creative, artistic intellectuals who want to meet each other,” says Goldman.

While a small group can rent out the DIY space, Secret Studio also guides special projects, like a “bring your own baby” art group for new mothers, or a “zombie Barbie” project coming this October where interested parties will decorate the classic Mattel doll to be, well, undead.

It’s not necessary to be part of Goldman’s cultural hub to come in, of course. For those just stopping in for quick shopping, she describes the collection as creative, contemporary and functional gift items.

And after three years in Ridgewood, first in the basement of the historic Wilsey building and since last November down the road at 11 South Broad Street, she says anyone can benefit from the creative atmosphere the Studio strives to offer.

“You don’t forget to play when you get old,” Goldman says, quoting a personal motto. “You get old because you forget to play.”

Simon Templar September 04, 2013 at 10:31 PM
How about posting the store's complete address for those who want to check it out. Thanks.
Devin McGinley (Editor) September 05, 2013 at 08:56 AM
No problem. See above, Simon.


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