Abandoned Kitten Likely Dumped, Needs Good Home

Will you help this sweet, malnourished kitten abandoned around the Somerville area in Ridgewood last week?

A malnourished, fur-and-bones black kitten suspected of being dumped near Kenilworth Road is in need of a good home.

The Kenilworth Road resident who temporarily took the female kitten in told Patch the animal had no tags or any identification. If she were from the area, the resident said, he would expect the owners to have searched around and made contact with people in the neighborhood. 

No one in the area has claimed the tiny kitten, probably less than two months old and perhaps weighing 2 lbs.

The kitten, recently bathed, was still quite smelly and seems to have ear mites. She was outside for what appeared to be a few days in Ridgewood before being found by neighborhood kids.

Extremely friendly – and vocal – the kitten does slightly resemble a(n adorable) gremlin.

The homeowner who temporarily took in the kitten has been providing cat food and water, as well as initiating a litter box training program (a work in progress). She's had her shots and bloodwork done, along with medication for the ear mites.

Anyone willing to take home a sweet, down-on-her-luck kitten should contact me at james.kleimann@patch.com, or the kind resident who took the kitten in, at rogermwill@aol.com.

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Maria Martinez June 18, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Poor little kitty! Probably, she was thrown out of her home and taken from her mommy cat and littermates because some ignorant bozo thinks black cats bring bad luck. Save this kitty! Adopt her and strike a blow against superstition and racism.
thetentman June 18, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Actually unless someone claims her we are going to keep her. Our second black cat.
Lisa Ertle June 19, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Hooray!! I was actually thinking about this kitten today. I tried to talk some people at work into it, but no takers. I'm glad it will have a home!


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