Gawker.com: Clementi May Have Shared His Story on Message Board

Blog points to posts that seem to echo the events leading to Ridgewood teen's death.

Gawker.com reports that a Sept. 21 post on a gay message board seems to echo the events that lead up to Ridgewood teen Tyler Clementi's suicide the next day. The post was made under the username "cit2mo," and asks for advice about an incident in which a college roommate webcast video of the poster having sex.

[Editor's Note: The Gawker.com article has been updated since our original publishing date. The Gawker article now contains (as of late Friday/Saturday morning) what some may consider disturbing content regarding Clementi's possible personal life, as well as a photo depicting a half-nude individual believed to be the deceased].

Gawker could not confirm directly that the poster was Clementi, but the details provided mirror those of Clementi's own situation. Two other Rutgers students have been charged for allegedly webcasting Clementi having sex with another man during the same period the poster.

The posts don't show any obvious signs of suicidal intent. Gawker opines they seem calm and composed for someone on the verge of killing himself—but also says "they don't necessarily tell the whole story, either."

"If Clementi was cit2mo, it's nice to know he was getting advice from somewhere. But as good as the internet can be for support systems, sometimes it's not enough," the blog writes.


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