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Girls Lax Repeats as State Champs; Tax Dollars Rising After Budget Adoption This Week

Villager also pleads guilty in Madoff case; water main breaks, damages Linwood Ave.

It was a hot, hot, hot week in Ridgewood. Sure, that could just mean the 100+ temperatures that sweated out the region but it could also mean the series of hot stories we covered this week. So cool down with our recap of parking, shutdowns to critical county roads in Ridgewood, taxes that are a rising, and all sorts of other good stuff.

1) So you are a student at RHS. You weren't "lucky" enough to shell out the $500 to park at the church, you didn't get any spots on Heermance and Vets wasn't too appealing an option. So you park on Kenilworth. Well, you did. and now RHS students can't park on both sides between East Ridgewood and Spring Aves. – morning 'til late afternoon from September 1 to June 30. Somerville teachers, as reported by a resident at the council meeting, may also have to find some new accommodations.

2) A at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, cutting off water to some residents while rerouting ambulances and shutting down traffic through the night and into the morning. The problem was fixed by late afternoon Friday but a sizable portion of Linwood Ave. sunk due to the force of the water and will need to be fixed.

3) The Ridgewood Village Council and the figures are in. The average resident will be forking over $446 more dollars than last year between both the school and municipal taxes. The municipal side will feature a return of village workers laid off in 2010 and $35k of the pot of money Library Director Nancy Greene requested.

4) The Ridgewood girls varsity lacrosse team won its Tournament of Champions game against Chatham on Tuesday and on Saturday at Rutgers University. It was an incredible game to cap off a great season!

5) Councilman Paul Aronsohn again expressed his strong dislike to the village's approved ordinances retroactive from 2010, as well as 2011. The council, however, appears to be going ahead with the moves despite Aronsohn's pleading that it's not responsible given recent layoffs and diminished services in the village.

6) The village's before it can be marketed to other towns as a revenue builder in the village. An audit revealed discplinary issues and a lack of funding though the talent is reportedly high, and with some technology and heirarchy improvements it could be transformed in 6-8 months.

7) We checked in with some local bands this week. and chatted about their summer plans, which include sleeping in weird places in Michigan. Real Estate has also been learning how to speak European (wait, that's not a language?) and , while teen rockers for their first village show since 2007.


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