'Neo Nazi' Claims Police Abuse, Homework Policy Called for in Top Local Headlines

Other top stories include more news on Valley Hospital's latest expansion proposal, and the Ridgewood school district placing greater emphasis on language arts.

'Neo-Nazi' Ex-FDU Professor Claims Police Abuse

Jacques Pluss claims Ridgewood police and the NJ State Police physically abused him and his wife when they raided his apartment following alleged threats he made against a leader of the Anti-Defamation League.

Still mum on specifics of its latest expansion plan, Valley officials told Patch they've taken to heart criticisms that doomed its last "Renewal" proposal. Meetings at the planning board are scheduled for March.

Ridgewood Municipal Budget Hearings Begin Monday

The council will be hearing individual department budgets on Monday and Tuesday as it considers the potentially layoff-laden 2013 budget.

Ridgewood HS Wrestlers Perform "Harlem Shake"

Internet dance craze "The Harlem Shake" made its way to Ridgewood when the high school wrestling team did its rendition of the 30-second shake for YouTube.

Raymond's Now Open for Dinner Service

Steaks, meatloaf, shrimp-and-grits are among the offerings popular restaurant Raymond's unveiled on its dinner menu this week. The restaurant will serve dinner from 5 to 10 p.m. daily.

Opinion: Glen Rock Schools Need a Homework Policy

The opinion article penned by the father of a 6th grade Glen Rock student brought a chorus of fellow parents to lament the level of homework their children are receiving. They're pushing for a clear policy to be drafted to mitigate the hours of work they say their children receive.

Skeptical citizens likely don't agree with a traffic expert's contention that four large housing developments in the village downtown will lessen present traffic and pedestrian concerns.

New Language Arts Curriculum in Middle Schools Prompted by Test Scores

Dips in middle school test scores have led the Ridgewood school board to add more dedicated classroom instructional time to language arts. School officials say it will not come at the expense of other subjects.

Brian February 25, 2013 at 04:27 PM
The combination of Neo-Nazi, abuse and homework policy in one headline is fantastic. It is worded correctly, but I just wish there had been a typo.


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