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Nessie and Wallace, Two Gorgeous Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

Why are these DOGS still at the shelter?

All dogs are beautiful in my eyes and for the life of me I cannot figure out WHY these two gorgeous and highly intelligent dogs are being overlooked at the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge! Both Nessie and Wallace have great big personalities, they are lovable and loyal too! 

Nessie is a beautiful dog. She is gentle and loving with her human friends and friendly to strangers. The ideal home would be one that has some experience with her breed.  She would do best in a home that would be able to give her attention, exercise and lots of love.  Nessie has been in RBARI's training program and is currently at an intermediate obedience level. She is eager to please her people, constantly gives eye contact and looks for human direction. She gets very happy when she gets praised. She is very playful and loves to play Frisbee. Nessie is three years old and has been at RBARI for almost two years, Nessie deserves a home she can call her own! 

Wallace is such a big goofy puppy at heart, so happy and fun to hang out with. He is playful, fun, affectionate and easily amused. He is a very friendly dog with a truly sweet disposition. He loves other dogs and people too! Wallace is 11 months old and would make a great addition to any home.

If I were to guess why Nessie and Wallace were still at the shelter, it would be because both of these dogs are pit bulls and there is an unfair and common misconception of this breed due to the bad press and media attention the breed has endured over the years. The negative media attention and news stories being dramatized to the public has subjected this breed to an unfair death sentence at many shelters all over the world because people have been convinced that they are a dangerous breed and do not adopt them. It is amazing how this breed has been so misunderstood and discriminated against!

Do you know that the breed was considered an American Hero during World War One and Two? Pit bulls were a sign of pride and dignity and they were pictured in many photos, posters and campaigns during this time.

Pit bulls rank very high in temperament tests. They are great with kids and were once referred to as “Nanny Dogs”, because they kept such focused watch over children. They are used as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list goes on...

Have you read about Stubby? The American pit bull mix puppy was found by private Robert Conroy in 1917 and became the mascot of the 102nd Infantry 26th Yankee Division. Stubby learned to be a little soldier; he recognized the bugle sound, camp drills and even learned how to salute the soldiers! Stubby also learned to locate wounded soldiers and probably saved many lives in doing so. Do a search and learn more about Sergeant Stubby.

And we all loved Pete on the Little Rascals didn’t we? He was a pit bull!

Pit bulls a once loved breed, cherished by all, honored by our military, the only thing that has changed is people and their ignorance to not educate themselves to understand the loyal and beautiful Pit Bull breed! Please give pit bulls a chance, I did and I am a better person for it. The pit bulls that have been in my life have all left a positive paw print on my heart!

© Copyright 2011 Gina Mastrogiovanni 

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Kelly Zweig February 17, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Hi Gina - great article. Sadly, there is much negative publicity about this breed. Thanks for calling out Sergeant Stubby, maybe you opened someone's eyes ( and mind, and heart ) today....
Doug February 18, 2012 at 09:49 PM
I just rescued a dachshund from rbari. I have rescued three dogs total from there. I have a shelter located close to my home where it is all pit bulls. Most are very sweet, they just have a bad reputation due to the fact that people usually get these dogs to compensate for their own deficiencies. Its a sad day when someone gets a dog to think it makes them tough.
Hank February 19, 2012 at 12:20 AM
I have an RBARI rescue also. I just wonder why no one adopted Nessie for 2 years (14 years in dog years) I am thinking (and I may be wrong) that it is not easy to find qualified people to adopt. I would imagine that the first question would be did you ever have a Pitbull before, then who is your homeowners insurance carrier. It makes it tough when you can adopt a beagle mix much easier. I also wonder if they still take Pits/Rotties for adoption if it is so hard to find people to take them.


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