Personal Trainers: What to Look for and How to Find the Right One for You!

Personal Trainers: What to look for and how to find the right one for you with so many available personal trainers and styles of training.

With ALL the fitness professionals available in our area, how do you pick the Best Personal Trainer for YOU! 

The right personal trainer can make a major difference and can take your workouts from boring and frustrating to a fun and exciting experience that will give you motivation and drive with the properly designed exercise programs that will produce results. 

Choosing the right personal trainer can be difficult and because there are so many out there it is up to you to carefully select the right one for you. The first thing that you want to look for is a personal trainer with reputable credentials.  All personal trainers should hold a personal training certification and a current CPR certification, so it is important to ask what certification they hold, a few of the top credentials are National Academy of Sports Medicine National Strength and Conditioning The American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine to name a few. These certifications all require the holder to continue their education in order to keep the certification current and in good standing, which is important and assures that your trainer is constantly acquiring continuing education because the fitness industry is always changing and you want your trainer to be on top of all the new innovative ways to help further your personal fitness results and keep your sessions interesting and ever changing with new program designs.

So now that you know how to look for the right credentials , you need to find the right personality to fit you since you will be spending a few hours a week together. Remember it is “PERSONAL” training so the time spent with your trainer should be about YOU! Your trainer should relate to you as an individual, there is not a universal way of training clients; each person has different health issues, past injuries, personal goals and expectations. It is important to tell your trainer about any medical conditions, past injuries or surgeries and medications that you are taking before you start a fitness program, these all are important when designing a personal program that is designed specifically for you. A professional, experienced personal trainer will ask you all of these questions when you meet with them to have your initial consultation and fitness assessment because theywill want to design a program that is safe and effective and will provide you with the fitness results that you are looking for with no injuries or set backs.

Reasonable goals with obtainable fitness results should be the focus for each client. This is a key approach to me as a trainer to keep my clients motivated and realistic about their accomplishments throughout a fitness program that is designed for each client as an individual based on their initial fitness assessment. Training sessions should always be positive with a sense of motivation and you should be comfortable talking to your trainer and feel confident with his or her guidance. There should never be negative enforcement of any kind. And you should never be forced to do any exercises or weight amounts that you are not comfortable with.

Choose a trainer that leads a healthy lifestyle, one, which has personal experience and knowledge due to their own personal goals as well as education that can relate to their clients. While each of us is built differently and we have to realize that as people we come in all shapes and sizes, we are not all going to be buff and slender but there are still healthy habits that need to be utilized by all of us!  An important point I make to all of my clients is to be happy and comfortable in their own skin, whether they are a size 4 or a size 10 if they are exercising, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle they are ahead of the game! 

When you are meeting prospective personal trainers for the first time have all the questions that you want answered and you can also ask for a free fitness assessment and if they would give you a free 15-30 minute sample training session so you can get a feel of their training approach and style. And please do ask for references from other clients that train with them.

If cost is what is stopping you from training please keep in mind that you are making an investment in the most important part of your well being, your health. Most trainers offer discounts for multi-session packages, session frequency per week, and for training multiple clients at the same time, there is also the option of getting a friend or two to do a small group training session, it is fun and costs less than a night out with the girls. 

Personal trainers are not a luxury they are a necessity to many people to assure that they are committed to a healthy lifestyle and many people feel they are more dedicated to their workouts because they are accountable to a professional fitness specialist. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the personal care of a doctor. Please remember to always consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new fitness program.


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