Letter: The Ridgewood Y is 'A Cause Worth Investing In'

President of the Ridgewood YMCA Board of Directors discusses the Y's work and the support it needs from the community.

The following is a letter to the editor written by Chris Brazill, president of the Ridgewood YMCA Board of Directors.

The Y recently commissioned a consumer survey to measure how Americans view quality of life in their communities nationwide. The survey was based on several factors, such as community member involvement and the quality of a community's services, ranging from education to public safety.

Interestingly, the survey revealed a 30 percent gap between what people say is most important in creating a strong community and how satisfied they are with their own communities in those areas. For example, Americans report that a safe environment for children and assistance for struggling community members (job training, food pantry, etc.) were important for building a strong community; however, they rate their own community low in these same areas.

When asked for the solution to closing this gap, survey respondents held themselves accountable. Survey respondents feel it's important - now more than ever - to contribute their time and money to community causes (an 8 percent and 10.5 percent increase from 2012). They expect more from their community - and each other.

I agree, and that's why I believe the Y is a cause worth investing in. The Y needs help from the community to continue its vital work. Funds raised through the Ridgewood YMCA's annual campaign help to ensure that all community members have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Throughout Northern NJ, countless people know the Ridgewood YMCA. But there's so much more to our Y than one might think. Every day, the Ridgewood YMCA works tirelessly to support the people and neighborhoods that need it most by addressing community issues through its Good Works Programs. These include Living Strong Living Well, a specialized fitness program for cancer patients and survivors; our Delay the Disease program, for people with Parkinson's diseas; and financial assistance for family memberships and programs at the Y.

The Y's annual campaign helps to raise money to support these Good Works Programs that touch the lives of so many each year. Please consider supporting this year's campaign with a tax-deductible donation. Your generosity will reward you with the satisfaction that you are helping others move forward with activities that many of us just take for granted.

To be part of the campaign, please visit www.ridgewoodymca.org/give or contact Amy Phillips at 201-444-5600 ext. 324.

With gratitude,

Chris Brazill


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