Merged Land Rover, Jaguar Dealership Receives Signage Approval

The two dealerships were officially merged this spring on Rt. 17 South and will now begin installing new signs highlighting the combined businesses

After announcing plans to merge the and  dealerships into , the newly combined Rt. 17 South business received unanimous approval Thursday night for the placement of building and a monument sign.

The renovated 68,000 square foot dealership is located just past the Midland Avenue overpass and before and the . The new facility, which will offer both vehicle models under the same roof, is considered to be one of the few Jaguar Land Rover dealerships of this scale in the U.S.

According to architect Anthony Garrett, five wall signs are needed as part of the corporate-wide branding package along with a monument sign near the entrance off of Rt. 17.

"There would be a Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Paramus dealership and Service Department signs on the walls," Garrett said. "In addition the monument sign would be located 11 feet-10 inches west of the property line on the south side from the egress onto the property. Back in 1995, there were five signs measuring approximately 356-square-feet total. Tonight we have six signs with a total of 120-square feet, which is 60 percent less then there is now."

The Land Rover and Range Rover signs would be in the standard green coloring while Jaguar would remain in silver. Any lettering for the service department or town name is expected to be colored black while the 14 foot high and 6 foot wide monument sign with the address would have a white facing.

"It's important to have the monument sign as the building is set pretty far back from Rt. 17," Garrett said. "It's also a safety point as the entrance is just off of a deceleration lane and to identify where the egress is. I believe it enhances safety in the area."

The internally lit monument with diffused fluorescent lighting would be shut down at 11pm, per a borough ordinance. 

The sign application was approved 7-0 and Prestige will begin installing the new signs later this month.

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Melvin Freedenberg September 07, 2012 at 11:17 AM
I don't know how Dougherty does it. Based on Consumer Reports Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover are some of the worst personal vehicles to own. Their ratings are always at the bottom of the charts. I guess when you have Mercedes, Lexus, Mini, BMW, and Toyota, you just keep going and going and want to be a dealer for every make and model, good or bad. Prestige turns lemons into lemonade. The old Jaguar dealership, where the owner wants 10 million for the property, will probably sit fallow for a long time. Prestige is a good company. I am glad they finally made a deal with Paramus. They are an asset to the community.
Andy Goss September 09, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Jaguar was the second ranked name plate on the two most recent JD Power surveys! Need to get up to date!


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