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This & That: Village Hall Has Parking Problems Too

This & That largely looks at the wide array of transportation issues, particularly parking at Village Hall

While the CBD's parking problems are well documented, the Village Hall complex too has issues of its own. As frequent visitor to Village Hall, I often see some strange activity.

Last week, as the photo suggests, a driver decided to park horizontally, not vertically. Numerous spots were taken and at the time, there weren't a great many spaces available. The vehicle had a decal noting a Ridgewood Public Schools employee was the driver. Hopefully the person doesn't teach driver's ed.

On Monday, a man in a pickup truck swooped into a spot but quickly turned back out. Why? Well, you see, he struck the tow hitch of the contractor's pickup truck that had actually been a solid few feet into the space behind it. The pickup that struck the tow hitch had a minor dent in its bumper, but there was no obvious damage to the contractor's vehicle that had room to spare. No note was left.

Meanwhile, a vehicle a few feet away had also taken up two spots, forcing the vehicle behind it to veer out into the lane due to a lack of room. (See white Ford Explorer photo.)

Perhaps the parking utility meter guys (one of whom ticketed Ridgewood Patch Monday despite there being time on the meter; see photo) should spend more time in Village Hall.

Sound the alarm

If you were out walking the main strip of East Ridgewood Avenue you probably heard a very annoying sound – a Jeep's alarm system sung for about ten minutes before finally losing its voice. People clapped once the noise abated, though the driver, who appeared to be a teen, expressed annoyance with being on video. It seems all persons involved were annoyed in some way. (Video of said annoyance is attached.)

Alert play!

The Ridgewood boys varsity baseball team won in dramatic fashion on Tuesday, plating home a run in the 10th inning of a game against Hackensack for the victory. More impressive, perhaps, was a foul ball being struck high above the backstop. Members of the crowd shouted "Heads up!" and a young mother, playing soccer with her daughter, looked up and snatched the hard, plummeting baseball with a bare hand. She ended up losing the catch at the last moment but received a cheer from the crowd.

Grove Street not the only area full of holes

The potholes problems are well known around Grove Street, but has anyone seen Clinton and Godwin near the Midland Park border lately? If on Clinton making a turn, it's difficult to see cars coming toward oneself because of the hedges to the left. Once practically on Godwin (which at that section is a 25 mph zone though you'll rarely catch anyone going less than 35), you'll need to turn quickly due to the volume of traffic. But don't go too quickly or your car could bottom out due to the massive potholes.

Problems with math curriculum?

Resident Leonard Eisen, a fixture at council meetings and of late, school board meetings, told the school board he's heard that teachers absolutely hate the controversial mathematics curriculum taught at Ridgewood Public Schools. Board president Michele Lenhard said she didn't quite know how to respond.

Director of Curriclum, Regina Botsford told Eisen that things are new for elementary school math and the district is working on professional development to help ease the transition. Botsford said middle school data reflects that student achievement is high and the district is also continuing with professional development at B.F. and G.W. as well.

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The Fly May 11, 2011 at 01:27 PM
Did you repeat park, or was your vehicle parked outside the painted lines on the space? They will ticket you for either of those as well. Check your summons; see what you reportedly violated before you bitch to anyone.
AMAMOM May 11, 2011 at 01:50 PM
I am annoyed daily by those who park at the train station in spots that aren't spots. For example yesterday a Grey Honda parked at the end of the ramp leaving no room for the wheelchairs or strollers (that the ramp was specifically built to serve) to get into the parking lot. Sure, this guy probably thought he got a bargain, there isn't a meter in this spot BUT that's because IT ISN'T A SPOT!!!
Danny May 11, 2011 at 07:24 PM
im annoyed daily by having to put $6 of change in the meters. why cant they just charge for a permit or use a cashkey/credit card payment system
James Kleimann May 11, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Danny, As the mayor wrote in the comment box on the main page, the council is voting on the parking ordinance tonight, May 11. There will be a permit pass component to the ordinance, which would be $650 for a year.
Danny May 11, 2011 at 09:57 PM
i know i know....just venting
AMAMOM May 11, 2011 at 10:35 PM
Or you could beat the honda accord to the spot and go without paying the meter or getting a ticket. ;)


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