Wyckoff DPW and the Aftermath

Wyckoff DPW and the GREAT MEN who are members.

If you do not kow the Wyckoff DPW, under the leadership of Mr. Scott Fisher, allow me a few moments to inform you of these great people who work so very hard.

We have all been under a lot of strain since we had our visit from Sandy. She left us a real mess and once again 90 percent of Wyckoff is without power.

In fact I wirte this with a generator running in the driveway and a flashlight since I am sharing what power I have with neighbors to keep the heat on.

Well Wyckoff has a department we call the DPW. And the Manager is Mr. Scott Fisher.

While Sandy raged around us the Wyckoff DPW was out in the fierce winds trying to keep up with downed tree and lines. They work endlessly and tirelessly to keep the roads as safe as possbile and put up barracades where necessary. They thought only of the safety of Wyckoff residents.

Then, without much sleep and I am sure exhausted they came back to work to start clearing the roads.

Where I live there were four major trees down cutting off the roads and typing up the power lines

The Wyckoff DPW got there as soon as possible and started cutting up and clearing the trees. And these were BIG trees. Please see the photos attached.

The DPW men had them cleared within a very few hours. They worked quickly, but carefully and safely. Everyone knew they job and how to do. They work well as a team.

These men deserve out appreciation and thanks for the long hours and hard work they must endure during this time.

And so I offer my thanks and the thanks of my neighbors to Mr. Fisher and his great crews !


John Unglert


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Glenn Marvel November 04, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Wyckoff has a very talented, ambitious, and dedicated DPW that always goes above and beyond. They are not electricial linesmen who can deenergize overhead electrical lines. We would have to pay them much more than we currently do. If you know these neighbors, Scott, Len, Joe, and others, you would know that these men also serve in our volunteer fire department. The bottom line is that you couldn't ask more from these men. I failed to mention that these men also have homes and families. THANK YOU WYCKOFF DPW and VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT
Nikola Radisic November 05, 2012 at 01:16 PM
I have seen DPW crews around town the last week, working hard and long days to remove what trees and debris they can. The damage in Wyckoff is overwhelming and the utilities have not had any crews removing debris, so DPW will take some time if they are the ones doing the "heavy lifting"...Thanks guys, I know you are doing what you can.
Nikola Radisic November 05, 2012 at 01:20 PM
We had 5 trees down on our property, including a massive pine that ripped our electrical & cable lines from the house. I borrowed a chain saw and went to work. Called a friend who has a tree service and got help in removing all our downed trees. A contractor for Rockland Electric came two days ago to reconnect the downed power line we reported and then Cablevision came to re-attach our cable back to the house...we finally have power and know we are lucky. In my opinion, given the storms over the last few years and massive power outages, we are almost like settlers again - so make sure you have a generator, axe & chainsaw at the ready, because repeated days without power are becoming the norm, whether we like it or not.
Marc Debiak November 05, 2012 at 09:43 PM
One street? Really? That's "disgraceful"?
John A. Unglert November 07, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Very true Nikola. We had three trees down, over 36 inch diameter. Blocked in the entire access so no one could go anywhere and fire/police would have a heck of a time getting here. Once we were certain the power lines had been de-energized and PSE&G survey crew confirmed that we did remove what we could and stacked the debris. Then the DPW cam in and got the rest out since we did not own any 24 inch chains saws ( AND I will NOT handle one that larger anyway since I had a friend killed by a 24 inch when it bucked back right into his skull and ... ). But Mr. Fisher's crew did a rapid, sfae and OUSTANDING job. And this was after day 3 post. Sandy. I will always be on the DPW side. The have worked, this year, at 16 hours days getting the main arteries open, they getting done what they could safely. I do wish everyone who complains would get out in the cold, the wind, the rain and work along side these guys. They might get a glimpse into the hazardous life. Then there is the triage of what is most important to least. If Cornell Street needs to be blocked for a few extra days to open Wyckoff Ave, then so be it. Ambulance and fire trucks have a huge problem going through trees that block the main roads.


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