Stool in the Pool Isn't Cool

Lots of stool in the town pool this summer. What's your opinion on the cause and possible solutions?

The Glen Rock pool is a jewel of this town – fountains, waterslides and a diving board.

But, if you’ve been to the Glen Rock pool this summer, you’ve probably spent some time standing on the side while some poor lifeguard is diving to find the stool. 

And it’s not a Baby Ruth bar.

It happened while I was there with my little ones this Saturday.  And, it seems to be happening more this year than any other year I can remember.

Yes, it was annoying. Yes, my kids were upset that we had to leave.  And yes, the Glen Rock pool staff is taking the right approach to the clean up. 

But, is there a way to prevent this from happening moving forward?

The grumblings I've heard from other parents is focused on non-potty trained kids. 

If that’s the case, the pool could allow kids in the big pool with swim diapers and rubber swim pants, similar to the YMCA's rules.

But I don’t think it’s always a little kid. 

Kids who aren’t potty trained usually can’t swim either.  Parents of kids who aren’t potty trained usually spend their time in the fountain pool (I know I do). 

I haven’t seen any floaters in the fountain pool this summer (although it's probably happened).  There was a vomit scare while I was there, but it was a false alarm. 

Perhaps the continued stool in the pool is more of an ongoing prank than an accident.

While I don’t think the town shold conduct a DNA examination on all of the stools, maybe we should be on the lookout for pranksters rather than assuming it’s just the little kids.

What's your solution?

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Emily Sadowski August 02, 2011 at 10:29 PM
I dont believe it's a baby or child doing this. First a small child would have to remove its diaper for the poop to fall out. I dont think a parent would allow a baby or child to do this. The town should concentrate on finding the person(s) responsible for this prank and make them do community service cleaning up waste and maybe they will think twice before pulling a disgusting prank like this again.
Elizabeth Cox August 03, 2011 at 02:34 PM
it's not a toddler or little kid. unfortuetly they get a bad rap! most of the times it has happened it has been in the deep end or middle end. not 4 yr old is swimming in the deep end. it happened 4 days in a row. then last thursday and multiple times on saturday. i believe 4 to be exact. it has happened oly once in the baby pool this yr(i believe). what they should do, is line everyone up in the grass and have mr. Wilson or Mr hardenberg speak to each indidvual. have the gate closed, so no one can leave without be spoken too- i know that my sons face turns red when he lies. they need to take some harsh measures in order for this to stop. or announce what will happen if it's found again. i bet whoever is doing it, will think twice if they are know they have to be spoken to before leaving the pool.


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