"Healthy" from the Plate of the USDA

The USDA food pyramid has gotten a makeover, but is it any healthier?

Well, the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid has just gotten a makeover! 

MyPlate is the colorful, new, in your face, pay attention to me ad campaign!  MyPyramid, the prior ad campaign, was based on the Food Pyramid, and like Madonna or Britney, it was just time for a redo.

Statistically, we as a nation are not getting healthier, we're getting sicker.  So, it's time to wake up the public — we are in crisis! 

Yep, we are a fat, overweight, diabetic bound, heart diseased, downward spiraling nation of fast food ad campaigns that scream louder than the USDA food pyramid, MyPyramid or MyPlate ever could: CRISIS!!

Wait, maybe the USDA and lobbyists in Washington are in cahoots? No!? They have our best interests at hand, right?!  Think again!  Take a look at the plate.  Here sits this bright, beautiful plate, telling us what we need to know as a nation to keep ourselves and our family healthy.  What's a mom to do?!  READ the labels. Take responsibility for your own opinion, your own health and the health of your family.

Yes, there is some really great information to be gleaned from MyPlate.gov. Vegetables, Grain, Fruit, Protein and Dairy. We all need to eat our vegetables! Greens, specifically, actually lots of them! (For this I give them 5 stars, as it's the largest section on MyPlate).

But, as Dr. Andrew Weil has so aptly pointed out in his blog post, they make no distinction is made between fruit juices and fruits.

Protein comes from MANY sources and guess what?! Grains and greens have protein.  So do nuts, beans and legumes.  It's not all about animal proteins. MyPlate misses bringing awareness to these other sources of protein, BUT it does not push the over abundance of animal protein it used to!  Dairy, low fat precisely, is not necessarily healthier for you than full fat.  In fact in the Dec. 21, 2010 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, it shows that there is a natural substance in dairy fat, (trans-palmitoleic acid), that may substantially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What is missing from the plate is, water (ah...not in the glass!).  Water is the basis of true health and wellness.  You can live without food for weeks, but you can't live without water for more than 3 days. We NEED water to grow, just like plants.

Watering yourself creates homeostasis, health. It also:

  • Detoxifies
  • Acts as a natural hunger suppressant (want to loose weight?!)
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Aids in digestion and prevents constipation
  • Gets rid of headaches and helps with reduction of migraines
  • Acts as the transportation system for everything that enters your body
  • Is the elixir of youth! And,
  • Hydrates you!

Take a look at your plate and then take a look at MyPlate.gov.  It's about getting yourself educated, demanding real information about what you and your family need to ingest. MyPlate.gov is an opinion by the USDA, not a decree.  Follow your own instincts, get educated.  The government is tied to the big pharmaceutical companies, beef, poultry, dairy, grain, soybean and corn lobbies at the expense of our health as a nation.  The thinking is if we keep people sick, we can keep big pharma happy!  The beef, poultry and dairy industry needs to be kept happy too.  Let's not forget the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Monsanto monster corn, soybean and grains.  Just so you know, Monsanto develops and markets genetically engineered seed and bovine growth hormone, AND is extremely aggressive with it's litigation, political lobbying practices, seed commercialization practices and "strong-arming" of the seed industry!  So, let's make sure Monsanto is kept happy.

Follow the money and drink your water.

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Maureen Huntley-Sheahen July 09, 2011 at 10:51 PM
You totally rock!!! Thank you for the thank you! Yep, it's so sad indeed, but if each of us gets educated and stands in the truth, we can create a ripple effect! As moms, it starts with us, in the home. There is no doubt that it's hard with advertisers pushing their products with no regard for what the product does. Yes, there is free will, we don't have to buy it. It's tough enough raising kids and trying to keep ones sanity and so often we do what's easy. Easy is what is needed OFTEN, but easy isn't often healthy. Farm subsidies are just a part of this puzzle, there are so many factors, but honestly, money talks. When we stop buying the stuff that makes our family sick and diseased, change will happen. I tried to get the "powers that be" to take a good look at what is in the cafeteria. It was all about saving money. (By the way they ended up in the red after the big to do about how it was going to save the taxpayer...it didn't). Never was there an honest thought about the health of the children. Thanks again Midwood Rd Mom! It takes...a mom, a village and a whole lot of common sense to raise a healthy family. As for the salad bar, in it's current state at the MS/HS it doesn't look at all appealing...that's a huge problem.
Kathy Skrzypczak July 28, 2011 at 08:34 PM
Thank you for this article! It's really sound advice and always helpful to alert people to the way big agriculture is influencing the way we eat. Have you seen the documentary, "Farmageddon" yet?
Maureen Huntley-Sheahen August 09, 2011 at 03:49 PM
Farmageddon is awesome! Also, Forks Over Knives and Howard Lyman's films. I'm looking to put together a monthly film night in Glen Rock with this being the theme. Bringing awareness to this subject w/just "the facts mam". Would this be something that would interest you or those in your "tribe"?
Kathy Skrzypczak August 09, 2011 at 04:21 PM
I've never heard of Howard Lyman's films. Will have to check him out. I would definitely attend a film night. I'm sure I could scare up a few others who would be interested as well.
Maureen Huntley-Sheahen August 09, 2011 at 07:44 PM
Just found out that tonight on PBS at 9pm they'll be showing Food, Inc! That is a brilliant film that wakes up the sleeping! http://foodwhistleblower.org/blog/22-2011/203-food-inc-documentary-airing-tonight-89-on-pbs Howard Lyman wrote the book and did the movie: Mad Cowboy He was the dude that had Oprah declare on air that she'd never eat beef again. Then they were both sued by the Texas beef industry. "chemically based agricultural production methods today are unsustainable, and therefore ecologically disastrous".... He has amazing insight and clarity on this hot issue.


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