Jamboree Behind the Scenes: Tales From a 2012 Newbie

What is it like to be in Jamboree for the first time? A newbie's view... from behind

I have heard from friends – good friends and neighbors – how great it is to be in Jamboree. Although I have lived in Ridgewood for 17 years, I saw Jamboree for the first time . My hesitation may have been related to Dad's Nights – Fantastic! (when your husband is in it and the kids are little). But then those dads go on to Jamboree... 

Well, Jamboree is no Dad's Night! The moms are awesome, talented and fun to see. As for the dads... they have to step in time and tow the line or else!  And all the men seem to be dressing as men – although I have not seen all the costumes yet.

My good friend Josephine Peacock is a producer this year. It's a big deal with Jamboree to get a job like that. To support her, and thinking it's now or never, I signed up. I do a special women's retreat at that goes on just as Jamboree kicks into high gear. This year was my last retreat with fewer responsibilites, and I felt that I could give what it takes to be a Jamoborite. 

So, I started out at the gate a little late. That's bad. You never want to miss a practice, because you need every single one to learn what you have to do.  Especially if you have no talent. 

Here I am, with a view from behind....

Lisa Ertle February 01, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Yay! Lucy's back on Patch! Hopefully we will see a return of the Ridgewood walker...but will you have to take the long way through Glen Rock?!!


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