New Year Resolutions... Mom Style

Mom Patch Top 10 List for 2012

As 2011 comes to an end it's a time for reflection on what moms got right, or almost got right, this year.

As 2012 hurtles toward us it's also a great time to look ahead at the resolutions that will make the coming months memorable and successful.

In the spirit of everyone's favorite late night talk show, it is time for Top 10 of New Year’s Resolutions for Patch Moms.

No. 1: Patience 

I will practice the lost of art by taking a deep breath and counting to ten.  I will view the time waiting on a line or sitting in medical office as not time lost but as an opportunity for me to sit in silence and think. Moms are constantly rushing and it is time for moms to take time to pause and not tap our foot in annoyance.  Whether it be the pokey shopper in the aisle of  the market or the child not working as fast as I would like I will be calm and promise to be patient.

No. 2: Me Time 

Moms give to their family first and occasionally think about ourselves.  I am a member of my family but the first part of the word member is ME. Just as everyone else does what is best for their individual needs I have to reMEmber mom deserves some time just for ME.

No. 3: Money

It may make the world go round but the buck stops with mom. The last two years of economic awakening has taught us the space of what our family wants and needs should be narrower. Kids, doesn’t mean I love you less if I don’t cave in to your whines. Family time is priceless and much more valuable than the latest fad.

No. 4: Comfort Zone

How will you teach your child to take a risk if you never leave your comfort zone? I had my first “dance recital” when I was in my forties and shook my groove thing in public.  Scary? Yes. Fun? Yes! It was a teachable moment for my kids to learn it is ok to try and fail or succeed as long as you try. I discovered I have a fondness for boas!

No. 5 Weight 

 I will finally lose the stubborn ten pounds of baby weight. I know it's been eleven years of the same ten pounds of “baby” but I will make myself take a walk or visit the gym. If that doesn’t work out I will embrace my mature figure as a sign of a life well lived and call it a day.

No. 6: Learning

I will learn a new skill. It could be as simple as using an eReader or learning Excel but I will be a lifelong learner and set a good example for my children by expanding my intellectual horizons. Don’t ask me to help you with your geometry but I promise to stimulate my brain and learn how to play the Wii.

No. 7: Volunteer

I can sit on my hands and not get involved or lead the charge of change. We get one chance to make an impact in our child’s life. So your kids eat Cheerios for dinner for a few nights while you spend the time prepping for an upcoming PTO event. They were fed and will survive. Your kids will not remember the meticulous home or gourmet meal but they will recall the time they saw you at their school.

No. 8: Friendship

The theme of this year’s ball that falls in Times Square is “let there be friendship.” I will take time to share a cup of coffee, a Skype and find time for a dinner date and strengthen the friendships I cherish. It will be important to have friends to fill the hours once dominated by your children. Nurturing your current friendships or renewing the friends placed in storage will nourish you after the children grow-up and leave the nest.

No. 9: Health

You take the children for annual check-ups, dental cleanings and ortho appointments but put off your own health issues. Make the time to care for you.  If you haven’t noticed no one will make an appointment for you but YOU. Remember how the house fell apart when you had the flu last year. A healthy mom is a happy mom.

No. 10: Relax

So the dust bunnies have overpopulated the bedrooms and the closet is listed as a lethal weapon it is time to let perfectionist in you go and just enjoy. I have learned the sad way that life is short so enjoy!


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