Busy Commuters Scolded for Trespassing

Resident doesn't like commuters shaving time off their commute in her driveway.

You know how you're sometimes in a hurry to get to the bus stop and you've got to be on time or the 7:40 bus will pull out without you? It's awfully tempting for folks who live along West Saddle River Road to try to run down the shortcut along a narrow lane opposite Kenwood Rd that brings them out practically to Park N Ride without having to go the long way round.

But a word to the wise: watch out; we've tried it and the woman who lives at the end of the lane is none too appreciative when you come out at the end of her driveway. More than once she's run out to scold the trespasser who's desperately trying to shave five minutes off their commute.

Do you have any creative ways of shaving time off your commute? How do you do it? Let us know in the comments!

Still a ladies man?

Is he really the world's #1 Grandpa? We spotted Patch regular Dominick Nizza walking along East Ridgewood Avenue wearing a hat that said so. Dom was on his way to the Daily Treat to have coffee, read the paper and do some serious schmoozing. "This is how I meet all the old ladies," he said, pointing to his head.

Thrifty Thursday is over at Kurth

Well, you blew it. Thrifty Tuesday is over. That's the day that Kurth Cottage (at Valley) offers up lunch for just $4.99. That's right, sandwiches and soda too. They've even got a Grab 'N Go where you can phone in your order (call the hospital, then extension 2111) "It's a big do, today; everyone comes in for it," said one of the volunteer lunch ladies who was busily getting lunch ready.

Sign, Language, Politics

Oh boy, they're out in force, those political signs that are starting dot our landscape. Some might even say they pollute the environment. Off the record, one politician said that the reason they go up so early and there are so many of them is that they disappear overnight–perhaps due to some hijinks by the opposite party. Whatever it is, it sure isn't pretty, these signs preceding November's election, that is. Do they bug you, dear reader?

The pumpkins are here

If it's late September, can Halloween be far behind? We've spotted a few pumpkins on porches, and now Dave Ward's Pumpkin Patch is moving into high gear with its sign along Route 17 North advertising the hundreds (maybe thousands) of pumpkins you'll be having your choice of buying. Since Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, we welcome all signs of the festivities to come. 

If you get started a little early and have the decorations out, we want to see them! Send your photos to james.kleimann@patch.com

Whatever Does it Mean?

Strange sign at the end of Glen Ave over by Old Paramus Church, which we just now noticed: Vietnam Vets Memorial Highway. Do any of you readers know what it's referring to? Glen Avenue isn't a highway, so that can't be it, right? It's not even a county road! Is it a new designation for the street or does it have something to do with the church or did someone just arbitrarily put it up? If you have an answer or even just a theory, let us know!

Grow your business

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce will have Mitch Saeflier, who has over 25 years of sales and management experience at high-powered corproations presenting innovative and practical sales approaches. The topic, "New Sales Strategies for a Radically Changing Business World," will give sales reps and business owners alike some proven sales techniques, or so the press release from the chamber says. In any event, if you're looking for a new sales edge in business, you may want to see Saeflier speak at Puzo's Pizzeria at 11:15 a.m.

Dominick Nizza September 21, 2010 at 03:04 PM
Some signs should be stored away for safe keeping and reminders of past elections. Maybe you can get a refund?
John Hahn September 22, 2010 at 01:33 PM
Linda, I like your writing style. There is a certain real yet playful nature about it. As for political lawn signs I have mixed feelings. 1. They are a simple form of communication. I am not sure how effective they are. But there is a message being put forth. 2. Timing: I still see many anti-Valley building signs displayed. This issue has been voted upon yet many choose to display their opposition to the project. 3. I detest politcal lawn signs put up on public property i.e. along the highways. Especially where 2 candidates will put numerous signs along exits etc. Plus they put a sign directly in front of the sign of their opposition. What a waste of time & money. 4. What I detest most are people who DO NOT VOTE. It disgusts me that so many in our community decide they do not have to participate. Shame on all of them. One solution: Don't vote = you don't care = your taxes automatically increase 25%. This will allow those of us who do care and do vote to save money on our taxes. Thanks again for your short but interesting articles. Keep up the good work. BTW $25 to hear Senator Weinberg is a tad steep in my opinion. That lunch had better be a good one.
Dominick Nizza September 27, 2010 at 04:16 PM
Hi Linda, that gray hair old man knows that the Grandma of today was one of my dance partners in 1948. See added photo ... I had lots of hair then too.


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