17 Teens Charged, 4 Hospitalized After Police Break Up Underage Drinking Party

Ridgewood police busted more than 30 teenagers partying at a Rock Road residence just before 1 a.m. Saturday, authorities said.

Police busted 31 teens — 14 of them juveniles — for underage drinking at a Ridgewood house party early Saturday morning, authorities said. Four of the teens who had been drinking at the Rock Road residence were taken to an area hospital, according to Ridgewood police.

Police issued summonses for underage consumption and possession of alcohol to the 17 teens who were 18 or older, and detained the 14 teens who were under 18 until their parents could pick them up, Lt. William Amoruso said.

Two of the 17 teens charged with underage drinking — an 18-year-old male from East Rutherford and an 18-year-old female from Upper Saddle River — were charged additionally with obstructing the administration of law.

Amoruso said only two of the revelers were Ridgewood residents and that none were from Glen Rock.

Citing incomplete police reports, Amoruso declined to release any further details about the party or what prompted police to respond to the residence just before 1 a.m Saturday. He did say the incident was still under investigation and that additional charges are likely pending. 

Stay with Patch for more details on this case as they’re released in the coming days.

Phil Brooks May 09, 2013 at 12:33 AM
Sorry you missed out on 18 being the legal drinking age. But, I presume you're over 21, so you can legally go to work hammered every day--assuming you can still hold a job, of course. At least it'll make up for the years you couldn't go to school snockered.
disgusted May 09, 2013 at 01:44 PM
When I was in highschool it was not unusual for some kids to go to stasny's for lunch have a few beers and come back to school for 9th and 10th period, or walk up to hardings get a couple quarts and drink them behind the bleachers.The drinkin age was 18 so it was legal, but I dont thiknk it did anyone any good, the amont of serious motor vehicle accidents was shocking . The area in the late 60's and 70's suffered alot of death by auto I think if the drinking age was lowered the numbers would rise again.
Pro Low Sippa May 17, 2013 at 11:59 PM
To address those who are saying SAT averages aren't excuses for wrongdoings in life, I completely agree. I just made that statement to note that these kids aren't the average hooligan, they are smart, caring kids. They do community service on a daily basis, tutor young students for free and run various clubs. I personally volunteer at my local hospital every weekend, run a club that meets with autistic kids every month, and I'm also a student teacher. I was present at this party but left early, so I'd think I'd know more than you about the sequence of events. No one fell from a window, an article itself out there says "climbing or falling". How can you mess these two things up? And "one wasn't passed out completely". The kids here werent in terrible states these articles make it out to seem. Not one of the 4 kids sent to the hospital had their stomachs pumped. They were all given a simple IV to speed up the sobering process, and that's it. There was one kid who wasn't cooperating by not giving out his name, but this is only because he wasn't thinking straight. There was no fighting or arguiing. This was a quiet and controlled party. And these articles out there lie, saying "half the kids there were handcuffed". Only that one kid who was disobedient was handcuffed, no one else. The media always exaggerates. When the cops arrived, everyone was obedient and followed all directions. So please get your facts straight before you go off on a rant.
JT May 19, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Depending on the cop, it wouldn't surprise me if nothing triggered it. Some of the cops in town are great guys, but some just are out to get these kids. I do agree with you about the legal system in this country though!
JT May 19, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Maybe make it 19. If you're making a stiff penalty for 18 year olds, they would have to stop hanging around with half their senior class, as most seniors are 18.


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