Alleged Burglary Attempt Foiled By Off-Duty Cop

Two NY men attempted to break into Valley Road home Tuesday morning, police said.

Two New York men were charged with attempted burglary after they tried to break into a Valley Road home Tuesday morning, Wayne Police said.

Off-duty police Det. Sean Mitchell observed Lonzo Bagley, 37, and Tyrene Rickman, 33, both of Brooklyn, N.Y., walking from the rear yard of a residence on Valley Road near Andover Drive at shortly before 11 a.m., Det./Capt. James Clarke said.

Mitchell detained the two men while detectives responded to the residence and confirmed the attempted burglary, Clarke said. A resident of the house notified police of the incident around the same time, Clarke said.

Video surveillance from a camera on the property showed the men forced open a gate to the backyard and attempted to break into the house, Clarke said. Detectives viewed the footage at the residence.

Clarke said the woman had the ability to view surveillance footage on her smart phone.

Complaints filed by police state the men were in possession of bolt cutters, a pry bar and a tire iron, Clarke said.

The residence is located in the area where a rash of burglaries and attempted burglaries occurred earlier in the year. 

Bail was set at $75,000 for Bagley and $50,000 for Rickman with no 10 percent option. They were scheduled to be transported to the Passaic County Jail Tuesday night.

The men were arraigned Tuesday afternoon. The men are scheduled to appear in Wayne Municipal Court on Thursday afternoon.

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Jumbo September 21, 2012 at 04:01 PM
So you forgot to pay a parking ticket. Your eating lunch on a sidestreet in your van. You've been there for an hour or so. The cops show up. The cop was simply told that there is a suspicious can. The cop has had a dozen of these types of calls today but he checks the guy out, gets a reasonable story, there's nobody else around, the car is properly registered, insured and parked legally. It isn't on a highway where it is not allowed to be parked and left because its a danger, mr. Resmer. So the cop finds that the guy has a cheap warrant like a lot of people Do. So he arrests him and does his job. The police check the area also but nothing seems unchanged and no other residents or alarm companies call. Seems like some of you need to spend one day in a cops shoes to learn how things really work. Sometimes it's not so cut and dry. If the cop was wearing his psychic glasses with see thru vision he would have known that half a mile away his friend was breaking in a house then he would have driven there and seen the act thu the walls and arrested him.
Jumbo September 21, 2012 at 04:08 PM
I'm also dying to know Stewarts obsession with Wayne. What's the deal? Wayne is a great place. He could harp on any town. I think it's funny that he wastes so much time trying to give it a bad name but everyone laughs. Hes probably the joke of the council meetings, i bet they laugh before and after and really loudly. He should be a cartoon character that we all tell our kids, now bobby that's the person you dont wanna be. Living by the river, broke, and jealous of the whole world but yelling that the welfare check was late. That's why you like the Sheriffs...lol..they were nice to you in Paterson when you needed your food stamps early once. How cute.
Resident of Wayne September 22, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Please Stew and those against him do not make this a political boxing ring~Every workplace has good and bad...I'm very thankful that Sean & the WPD were able to catch these 2 thugs. Kudos, good job boys!!!
John Davies September 26, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Whatever you may know about the auto and towing industries, you are certainly talking through the lower end of your alimentary canal here.
stewart resmer September 26, 2012 at 12:51 AM
we will see who laughs last before this is all said and done, but there really is nothing funny about this home being robbed for a second time as this van incident is re told.


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