Bergen County Authorities Launch 24-hour Joint Patrols of Religious Sites After Bias Attacks

County patrols will support local police efforts.

County police and sheriff’s officers have begun 24-hour joint patrols of religious sites across Bergen County in the wake of a string of bias attacks targeting the Jewish community, authorities said Friday.

Marked units from the two departments are working in cooperation with local police to check ethnic community centers and religious sites from a range of faiths, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a statement. 

“All community and religious centers will benefit from the strategy, including synagogues, mosques, churches and other houses of worship,” Molinelli said.

Law enforcement officials and Jewish community leaders . The attacks began in December when with anti-Semitic graffiti, including swastikas. The crimes escalated this month when , and Congregation Beth El in Rutherford was firebombed, injuring Rabbi Nosson Schuman.

Molinelli said the attack Wednesday in Rutherford was being treated as an attempted murder. The Anti-Defamation League to $7,500 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the hate crime spree.

The patrols would continue until authorities “are satisfied that the Rutherford incident was isolated and will not repeat," Molinelli said in an email. Overtime costs from the joint effort will be covered by the prosecutor’s office.

Swastikas were also , but police said the vandalism could be tied to a rash of other anti-Semitic graffiti found in Fair Lawn and at Van Saun County Park in Paramus over the past couple weeks.

Anyone with information can call the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office at 201-226-5651.

Myles Ma and Zak Koeske contributed to this report 

JamesTS January 14, 2012 at 06:22 PM
This is out of control. They need to catch these people/person ASAP!!
THOUNGDUC January 15, 2012 at 07:15 PM
No matter how many patrols of police you put out there to overseas these range of faith buildings churches,temples etc, there are not enough police in the county to cover them all. I only pray that through intelligence and someone who will talk will give the information needed to arrest these low of the lowest in life IDIOTS!!
THOUNGDUC January 15, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Over-See sorry about the mis spelling.


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