Fair Lawn Plagued By Smoking Live Wires

Live wires down around town continue to smoke and alarm residents, police said.

The nearly three-dozen power lines down around Fair Lawn are not only preventing borough workers from clearing tree-blocked roadways, they've also exposed live wires that continue to smoke and alarm residents, police said.

Lt. Derek Bastinck said police don't have the manpower to stand guard at every live wire in town, but they have cordoned them off to ensure the public's safety.

However, as the wires continue to glow and smoke like a slow fuse, Bastinck said police have received an abundance of calls from concerned residents who report them as small electrical fires.

Bastinck said Tuesday that smoking wires on 26th Street, Morlot Avenue and Van Saun Place, and Plaza Road and Ramsey Terrace were "going pretty good" and have generated the most phone calls.

While the sight of smoking wires often frightens residents, Bastinck said police and fire are aware of the areas where downed wires are live and are on top of the situation -- even if they've been instructed by PSEG not to touch anything until the utility can arrive and cut the power.

Deputy OEM Coordinator Wendy Demeraski instructed residents to remain vigilant and assume all wires are live.


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* November 01, 2012 at 09:56 PM
@David Fidlir, don't you remember Hogan's Heroes?
Deleted because of harassment November 04, 2012 at 12:47 AM
I read that same article, saw who was quoted, and immediately thought that is the last person with any direct knowledge of anything - if they'd asked a patrol officer, they would have heard the truth.
Zak Koeske November 04, 2012 at 12:54 AM
I have spoken to Schultz personally, and he said he was misquoted/never said that. Town backs him. The officials really have not known specifics on outages in town until the PSEG work schedule was released today. On Friday, the borough manager demanded PSEG give them something to tell residents, even if it was an extended period of time, because they hadn't been given anything other than the general message PSEG had on its website and was telling residents who called
Deleted because of harassment November 04, 2012 at 01:08 AM
I am not arguing that he was misquoted, but anyone that has driven down Fair Lawn Avenue after dusk can see the evidence that power is NOT back. We have a house guest that we took in after his apartment sat in the dark in Jersey City since Monday who has been trying to figure out when he can go home based upon PSEG's website, and he's still trying to figure out. They have shown their usual lack of communication skills in spades this week. I'm one of the lucky ones with power, but the estimates of a ten day window was both cruel and not excusable by anything but a lack of competence. They face all sort of damages they can't see until they start work, but for them to throw out random numbers? Again - that's cruel to people who at the least deserve some reasonable expectations for when they can take a warm shower or blow out the candles and turn on a light.


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