Glen Rock Hit With More Graffiti Vandalism

Police say a wall at Coleman School and another spot at Byrd Elementary are the latest canvases for graffiti "artist"

MIA has struck again. The is reporting two more acts of graffiti vandalism .

According to police, patrol units found on Thursday found another spot at featuring the painted letters "MIA". Byrd and were first spotted Wednesday by patrol units as having been tagged by an "artist" going by the signature "TKM." Other script included the term "question everything."

But three tag jobs in two days apparently wasn't enough for this air-spray Monet. Police also found a wall at featuring the same phrases, though the vandal felt he/she had the time to use a stencil with gold paint and add a few clouds to the painted sky.

"The GRPD is asking residents near schools and parks to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or persons to police immediately," police said in a statement. "Do not confront anyone, but try and record as much information for police as possible such as description and number of actors, vehicles and direction of flight if possible."

Police said Wednesday that the string of tags was believed to be the first documented graffiti incidents this year.

The detective's bureau can be reached at (201) 670-3948 or (201) 670-3947.

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J.C. Lee July 12, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Thankfully GR has never had a big graffiti problem. I guess we have a few kids around with too much free time on their hands now that school is out. If they keep going they will be seen by someone, caught and their parents should reimburse the taxpayers for any repainting. On the positive side at least these types of headlines are better then reading about a father throwing heroine out the window of his car with a baby in the back seat, people biting cops and beating each other over water pressure! The summer is not off to a good start! Lets hope the rest of the year is filled only with positive headlines. (Hey I can dream can't I?)
Elizabeth Cox July 12, 2012 at 09:13 PM
i think i heard someone say- "not the children of Glen Rock" , " it must be someone from out of town" OH please!


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