Glen Rock Man Indicted on Child Sex Charges

Richard Lester is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl at his borough home.

A Glen Rock resident and business owner molested a toddler in his home over the course of a year, prosecutors alleged Friday.

Richard Lester, 55, was indicted Monday on charges he sexually abused a four-year-old female acquiantaince at his Bedford Place residence between Jan. 2011 and 2012, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a statement Friday.

He was indicted following a joint investigation by the special victims unit of the prosecutor's office and the Glen Rock Police Department.

Lester, who is married, is the president and founder of environmental consulting firm Garden State Environmental, headquarted at 555 Broad Street in Glen Rock. 

The firm is a licensed state contractor for indoor remediation of hazardous materials and has performed work in schools and for municipal governments, according to its website.

"Before becoming a full-time independent consultant, he held several positions in industrial hygiene and environmental program management with research and regulatory agencies at the state, county and local level," his company biography states.

Lester was charged with one count of aggravated sexual assault (1st degree), two counts of sexual assault (2nd degree), and one count of endangering the welfare of a child (2nd degree). He remains housed in county jail in lieu of $300,000 bail.

Eacrnnp March 08, 2013 at 03:39 AM
How is that related to this story?
Elizabeth Cox March 13, 2013 at 12:43 AM
is he really out on bail? james can you do a follow up to this story?
Samantha Villa March 25, 2013 at 12:53 AM
This monster needs to be put behind bars with no bail. It's sad that people with money can do whatever they please, commit crimes and get away with it just because they have money. I pray for the little girl who was raped. This his close to home, i was raped as a child. No self-defense classes can prevent this. When you're 4 you trust people. You trust the people your parents bring home, their "friends", you trust your teachers and even family members. There is so many kinds of evil out there. It's scary, you grow scared of everything and everyone and trust no one and you resent your loved one because you blame them for not protecting you. It's sad to say that this little girl will always have that pain and memory. I do. I still hurt. I still get angry. The years could pass but you will never heal, you just have to live with it but never heal, never recover. I hope this monster gets put behind bars. I hope justice is done. I hope he suffers the way he made the little girl suffer then and even now. The only question i ask is, where were her parents in all of this? How could the mother now realize this?
GRedit April 03, 2013 at 04:02 PM
He is out and living at his home on Bedford Place--right around the corner from an elementary school. I see him driving to work in his Mercedes every morning. As a father of 3 children, I would like to know when his court date is...
DD August 28, 2013 at 01:56 PM
Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned here. But it probably won't take.


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