Glen Rock Senior Scammed Out of $10,000

Man claimed to be resident's grandson-in-law who was in a car accident and needed money for vehicle repairs and legal fees.

A man claiming to be a borough senior's grandson-in-law manipulated the woman into giving him nearly $10,000. It's just the latest scam targeting elderly in Glen Rock.

According to Cpt. Jonathan Miller, a man who identified himself as the Glen Rock woman's grandson-in-law said he was in a motor vehicle accident in New York City and desperately needed a significant sum of money for vehicle repairs and legal consultation.

The senior first wired $4,800 via Western Union to Nicaragua to cover the ficticious fees to the man. Several payments followed the initial wire transaction, Miller said.

Finally, the thief told the woman he needed another payment but he'd already cleaned her out for everything she had, a total of $9,994.

It's extremely unlikely the victim will ever see the money again, Miller said.

The "senior scam" is relatively common. Police sent out a warning alerting residents of a . There have also been reports of scammers attempting to on their Medicare.

Miller urged residents – especially seniors – to confirm information before withdrawing money. Any resident receiving suspicious phone calls should immediately call police, he said. 

lee resnick September 01, 2012 at 11:06 AM
What a disgrace to pick on senior citizens!
Josie September 02, 2012 at 06:41 PM
I don’t even know who this poor woman is, but myself and a number of my fellow seniors prayed for her at church today. It is a sad story, one that I have seen in the news far too often. Never ever send money to anyone unless you double check, no matter what your heart is telling you to do! There are too many sick people out there who will taken advantage of any of us, not just seniors. Once you send your money to a foreign county it is lost. There is no one who can help you.


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