Power Restoration Slow to Come for Many

A few residents in Ridgewood tell Patch they've seen lights go on, but most have gone nearly a week without electricity.

Stop if you've heard this sometime this week – we know you're out of power, we don't know exactly when we'll get to you. It's been nearly a week for many and now the latest full restoration date for power has been pushed back to Friday, Nov. 9.

The lack of showers, television, Facebook and hot home-cooked meals clearly is taking a toll on residents. But if there are good neighbors nearby, the experience isn't as bad.

"Getting harder everyday," Lauren Imbruglia tweeted to Patch. "Friends getting us through."

"Tree still in front yard. No heat no power," tweeted KMurr_5. "Only way we got out was great neighbors. Not complaining, could be worse."

"Friends on West Glen had their power restored yesterday & trucks have been spotted in Old Country Club (fingers crossed!)," added candin_lizzy.

Still, entire neighborhoods in both towns remain dark.

"At this time, the power is still out in about 60 percent of the borough," Glen Rock OEM Coordinator Joanne Perry told Patch Friday afternoon. "PSE&G have been made aware on several levels of the critical issues in town. All we are being told is that restoration will take 7 to 10 days and they have crews working around the clock."

Ridgewood similarly is receiving limited power restorations. A little more than half is out of power, but something is better than nothing.

Several village residents told Patch they've seen the lights turn back on Friday.

Streets include Bellair Road, Wastena Terrace, Heights Road and Ridge Road. Plus, George Washington Middle School had power return on Friday, schools superintendent Daniel Fishbein said.

Have you had your power restored? Tell us where in the comments!

Linda Fass November 03, 2012 at 12:06 AM
lol we forgive you. Thanks for the updates and for giving Glen Rock almost equal priority to Ridgewood in your updaates.
zendiva November 03, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Um only a third of Wastena had power restored. (Not us!). About 6 houses have generators on Wastena, 2 have trees slicing them in half, at least 3 have power lines still spliced in front of their homes.
dara brown November 03, 2012 at 12:26 PM
I havent seen a PSEG truck in 3 days. Their automated system initially promised power restoration Monday am after a call sunday nite. (impossible) Then the rest of the week it was for 1159pm on Friday. As usual that went past and no power. So today, I got a live operator on the phone in a few minutes (despite another automated lie stating there was a hold of over 30 minutes) The woman said now it will be by November 9th. PSEG is so full of crap. We all know its an overwhelming task to get things fixed, but it can be done without outright LIES. Last nite I noticed power in Lodi, Rochelle Park, Hackensack, Maywood and Garfield. I guess thats where all the PSEG employees live so they 'take care of their own'. As usual we are dead last here.
Dennis Martinez November 03, 2012 at 01:22 PM
If the power doesn't arrive to the gas stations and the out of state gas trucks don't arrive soon, it will be difficult to recover from this as goods and services won't be able to move. My son's girlfriend was on line since 6;30 am this morning and was told at 9 am they ran out of gas. She is not going to work now.........
Gregory Farrell November 03, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Trees & power lines down all over the Willard School are but no sign of any PSE & G people. I wonder where they might be? Also, where are all the out of state people who are coming to NJ?


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