Shots Fired in Attempted Armed Robbery of Pizzeria Owner, Police Say

Trio charged in Friday night incident outside Giovanni's Pizza owner's home.

Three individuals have been arrested for the attempted armed robbery of a pizzeria owner when he returned home Friday night at around 11:20pm, Wyckoff Police said.

Luis Diaz, 21, and Jose Hidalgo, 27, both of Paterson, and Nicole Gorter, 18, of North Haledon, were each charged with first-degree robbery and possession of marijuana.

According to Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox, officers responded to an Eisenhower Court home late Friday evening on a report of gunshots being fired.

Giovanni's Pizza owner Giovanni Raffo told police he had been confronted by two men in his driveway, Fox said. During the confrontation, a handgun in the possession one of the men was discharged, Fox said. Raffo was not injured and the two men fled the area, Fox said.

Midland Park Sgt. Noah VanVliet then conducted a routine motor vehicle stop on Cedar Hill Avenue, Fox said. Gorter, Diaz and Hidalgo were at that time taken into custody for possession of marijuana, Fox said.

"The continuing investigation and interviews uncovered their involvement in the robbery," Fox stated in a press release. "Information provided by one of the suspects located the gun, which had been tossed away on the property of a Calvin Court home, which is nearby to Eisenhower Court."

Investigators believe the two men were dropped off by Gorter, who was employed as a waitress at Giovanni's Pizza, Fox said. The men then waited for Raffo to return home, according to police. Gorter later drove Diaz and Hidalgo away after they fled the scene.

The three individuals have been remanded to the Bergen County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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John Briggs January 03, 2013 at 03:31 PM
Anthony Fowler. You are totally missing the point, but I don't expect much more from you. You are the typical Gun Lover who purposely misses the point to protect your oh so precious 2nd amendment even though its not actualy being threatened. More guns aren't the answer (and this is coming from a gun owner and advocate). Moreover, why would any boss tell their employers they carry a gun? Its pretty obvious that you don't have any business experience because a boss doesnt boast about his guns to his employees. Telling me that I should read your comment before making my comment is pretty comical since your original comment was unreadable because you don't have the basic understanding of the english language, grammar or spelling. And I love that I have typical "lib spin" because I don't agree with your views.... Classic! And the reason I believe that it was dark when the victime came home was because the article said it was 11:20 at night. I realize that would require reading the full article though and clearly your reading comprehension is minimal.
Antonio January 03, 2013 at 06:47 PM
John Briggs, You can't see the forest for the trees, your comments atypical at best, then the personal attack for lack of being able to debate the facts. Again you should read, take a deep breath and concentrate on common sense. You seem irresponsible at best, the spin stops here..
John Briggs January 03, 2013 at 10:20 PM
So what exactly is the big picture that you are referring to? What is the common sense... that more guns are the answer? I'm done. You're clearly set in your ignorant ways and are unable to prove whatever point you are trying to make. I'm getting dumber by the minute here.
Anonymous January 25, 2013 at 06:19 AM
To be honest if you were actually Nicole's friend you wouldn't say anything. She has to give a statement about what happened in her perspective not yours (and what you think of her from growing up with Nicole). You obviously don't know the whole story because you weren't there, and if you were then you would be in jail too. You have no idea if she was "just picking them up and had no clue," or "actually planned this and knew what was happening the whole time," probably because you didn't all receive the one phone call she had to explain it too you. In my perspective she probably would have called her parents instead of her friends, sorry, but it does seem like the better option. It's pretty evident that when someone gets arrested for issues such as armed robbery people are going to think badly of them and form their opinion, I wouldn't see why they wouldn't to be honest. They are forming their views based on the public police report they read, and/or knowing the the victim. No one but the people involved know what actually happened, and the authorities are still trying to piece it together. Sorry, hearing about this as someone that went to high school with Nicole I had to comment to help you realize that you're wasting your time. Let people form their opinions, and support Nicole through her (big) rough patch, don't feed the fire because you're making it worse for your friend/sibling in the end.
Anonymous January 25, 2013 at 06:28 AM
http://thewyckoffjournal.com/local-events/armed-robbery-arrests/ Here are your updates to what happened since then, since you all seem to care about details. Hope this is helpful.


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