Update: Two GR Students Charged With Inappropriately Touching Middle Schoolers

Two high school students accused of touching middle school students in a "sexual nature" during a wrestling function, authorities say

students were arrested Monday and charged with inappropriately touching three students at a wrestling practice last week, officials said Monday.

According to a release sent by Chief Fred Stahman, police initiated an investigation on Jan. 24 after allegations surfaced that two male Glen Rock High School students had touched three male middle school students in an "inappropriate" and "sexual" nature.

"One of the teens held down the younger kids while the other older teen touched them," reported NBC News 4 Tuesday night, citing statements made by authorities. The three middle school students are aged 11, according to NBC.

The two high school students, identified as 15-year-old freshmen in various news reports, have been charged with "juvenile delinquency based upon conduct which if committed by an adult would be various counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact and Lewdness," Stahman said. Because they are minors, their identities have not been made public.

Police did not release further detail of the alleged incidents.

In its statement, the school district said it's "taking this opportunity to assure the school community that an incident involving students in its wrestling program has been appropriately addressed.

"After being informed about the incident, a thorough investigation was conducted. Administrative action has been taken. The school’s disciplinary policy has been followed. Support has been provided for the children and families involved."

Glen Rock Public Schools officials refused to offer comment, referring questions to the police department. 

[Editor's note: Last updated 12:15 a.m. Wednesday to include a statement from NBC, citing authorities.]

Ken F. February 01, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Sorry Beatrice but they aren't empty words. Until we know what the facts are there is no reason to be calling for heads to roll.
GRGal February 05, 2012 at 04:26 AM
Would LOVE to see these kids punished....It seems from elementary to MS to HS these so called "bullies" if you can even call them that DO get away with nothing in our "Bully Free School Zones" And I agree these parents go to the GR Inn on weekday/ weekends and look at all the parents there WITHOUT their children same people over and over.....same thing at the GR pool Parents getting drunk during the day while their kids swim, and don't get me started on the drug use in this town by parents I've seen first hand at local parties many parents getting drunk smoking pot and oh yeah....having police officers there to party with them....I love GR with all my heart and always put a smile on my face but you won't see me at the GR Inn or at the Pool or at a party getting wasted.....I may be there but I am appalled Let's see how the next generation of kids do in MS and HS would love to see this play out......
Steve Kenny February 05, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I am grateful that the readers of GR Patch are willing to engage in these substantive issues. I welcome your thoughts and comments on my article. http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/thiscorner/comments/glen_rockglen_ridge/
Ken F. February 06, 2012 at 05:42 PM
In your article, you wrote, "In the sexting case, I did not hear anyone talk about the real issues: Why does a 13 year-old girl even have a boyfriend and what is going on that allows her to believe that sending nude photos of herself is okay?". First of all you don't seem to know that some kids call each other boyfriend and girlfriend at that age and that has been happening forever. Secondly you must talk in closed circles because everyone I ever spoke to about the nude photos was just as outraged as you seem to be. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Parents can do all the right things raising their kids and teaching them right from wrong but kids will be kids and do dumb things sometimes anyway.
Kate Morgan September 07, 2013 at 08:54 AM
What everyone seems to ignore here is that these were underage boys and there is such a thing as privacy laws. There was sweeping under the rug. There was no concealing the facts. There are rules, indeed laws about this!!!! And as for that woman ranting about whether I have children, I do. Two. In the high school. And they both play on teams. I am tired of parents blaming the schools for everything. This ne started at home.


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