Appointments Made at Reorganization Meeting

Residents are appointed to committees, other positions are renewed.

Many appointments were made to boards and committees in the township at Sunday's reorganization meeting, while others were renewed in their positions, including chief of police and township planner.

For a full story on the 2012 reorganization meeting, click here.

Below is a list of all appointments made:

  • Mayor: Daniel Hayes
  • Council: Christine Henderson Rose and Matthew Moench
  • Director of Department of Administration: James Naples
  • Director of Department of Municipal Services/Township Engineer: Robert Bogart
  • Director of Department of Finance: Natasha Turchan
  • Director of Department of Human Services: Chris Poulsen
  • Director of Department of Police: Richard Borden
  • Public Agency Compliance Officer: Rose Witt
  • Director of Department of Law Services: William Savo—Mauro, Savo, Camerino & Grant
  • Division of Planning: Scarlett Doyle, of John Cilo Jr. Associates, in an amount not to exceed $60,000
  • Public Defender: Francesco Taddeo
  • Professional Services: Gibbons, P.C., Bond Counsel
  • Planning Board: Mayor Daniel Hayes, Class I; Stephen Rodzinak, Class II; Ron Charles, Class IV; James V. Franco, Class IV Alternate 2
  • Environmental Commission: Dr. Sidney Horowitz, Susan Dorward
  • Open Space Advisory Committee: Dr. Sidney Horowitz, Class I (A) Environmental Representative
  • Risk Manager: James Rick
  • 2012 Somerset County Community Development Consortium: James Naples; Robert Bogart, Alternate Member
  • Regional Center Partnership Committee: Mayor Daniel Hayes, Township Planner Scarlett Doyle, Henry J. Reynolds, Councilman Matthew Moench
  • Bridgewater/Raritan Youth Services Commission/Municipal Alliance for Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: Mayor Daniel Hayes, Matt Donavan, Christine Schneider
  • Local Emergency Management Council: Robert Szkodny, Mayor Daniel Hayes, Township Administrator James Naples, Howard Turbowitz, Stephen Rodzinak, Robert Hanlon, Frank Ur, Chris Poulsen, Police Chief Richard Borden, John Langel, Don Collins, Brian Shanley, Malcolm Plager, Lawrence Livornese
  • Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Thomas Forsythe
  • Somerset County Joint Insurance Fund: James Naples, commissioner; Christina Rogers, alternate commissioner
  • Somerset County Cultural and Heritage Commission: Herb Patullo
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee: Robert Bogart
  • Economic Development Committee: Glenn Petillo, Marc Steinberg, Thomas Genova
  • Health Advisory Board: Dr. Lawrence Livornese, Howard Bixler, Donna Gray, Dr. Mohindar Puar
  • Housing Advisory Board: Carl Schulz, Bernard Rann
  • Library Advisory Board: Mary Kreiss-Papalski, Barbara Norris
  • Park Board: Joseph Lifrieri, Carol Sedlazek
  • Recreation Advisory Board: Edwin Diaz, Michele Lawrence
  • Auditor: Robert Cagnassola, Suplee, Clooney & Co.
  • Township Deputy Clerk: Grace Karanja
  • Appointment of Assessment Search Officer: Linda Doyle
  • Tax Search Officer: Darrow Murdock
  • Board of Adjustment: Paul Riga, regular member; Pushpavati Amin, alternate member #1; Michael Kirsh, alternate member #4
  • Creative Arts Committee: Stephanie Moench
  • Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Councilman Howard Norgalis
  • Regional Center Partnership Designated Representative: Councilman Matthew Moench
stewart resmer November 07, 2012 at 10:30 PM
•Creative Arts Committee: Stephanie Moench Councilman Matthew Moench no patronage, no nepotism here...nawwwwwwwww


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