Changes Made to Overnight Parking Permit Process in Glen Rock

Residents can now grab long-term parking permits from the police records bureau.

The Glen Rock Borough Council made some revisions to the overnight parking ordinance on Dec. 12.

The most notable change includes altering the permit process for long-term parking. Where residents once had to make arrangements with the captain's office, they can now go to the records bureau to receive a placard, enabling them to park for up to 90 days.

Here's the full news release, courtesy of the Glen Rock Police Department:

SHORT TERM OVERNIGHT PARKING: The Glen Rock Police Department is empowered to grant temporary emergency overnight parking permission due to an occasional guest, disabled vehicle, driveway repair, home construction or a dumpster being place in a resident’s driveway. Permission is granted one night at a time by telephone via the GRPD non-emergency number (201) 652-3800 (ANSWERED BY THE NORTHWEST BERGEN CENTRAL DISPATCH). Operators at the Dispatch Center are prohibited from giving permission for more than five (5) consecutive nights and may not give permission for multiple nights at a time. In other words you must call each night for a maximum of five nights. 

For short term overnight parking you must provide the vehicle’s full license plate number, make, model, color and the exact location where it will be parked. The vehicle must be otherwise legally parked.

OVERNIGHT PARKING IN SCHOOL OR PRIVATE PARKING LOTS: The Glen Rock Police Department does not have the authority to grant parking permission at these locations. Anyone wishing to park at these locations must obtain permission from the School Principal or owner in the case of private property.  

LONG TERM OVERNIGHT PARKING: If a resident requires permission for more than five (5) nights the resident must appear in person at the Glen Rock Police Department Records Bureau to obtain a long term overnight parking permit. The Records Bureau is open Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and a Saturday 10AM to 2PM. NO PERMITS WILL BE ISSUED OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS. Permits will be issued for a period of up to 90 days. No permission will be issued for longer than 90 days.

Upon approval of a resident’s application one parking place card will be issued for each vehicle. A refundable $5.00 cash deposit per permit is required.

Long Term Overnight Parking Permit Restrictions:

  1. Permit holder must be a Glen Rock Resident; however, a non-resident guest may use the permit.

  2. Permits are only valid for the dates entered on the application.

  3. Permits are valid on private passenger vehicles only. Commercial vehicles, trailers and recreational vehicles are not eligible for long term overnight parking permission.  

  4. Vehicle must be registered, insured and display current license plates (any State or Country).

  5. Vehicles must not be disabled or wrecked.  

  6. All vehicles must be legally parked. Vehicles will not be granted permission to park in any No Parking Zone, block fire hydrants, crosswalks nor block any driveway other than the resident who has applied for the permit.

  7. All vehicles must be parked at the curb line in front of the permit holder’s residence. Corner properties may park on either street.

  8. If circumstances do not permit parking in front of permit holder’s residence the applicant must notify the property owner of the residence or business that the vehicle will be parked in front of. Alternate property owners do not have the legal right to deny permission to park on any public street. THE GRPD WILL NOT MAKE THIS NOTIFICATION.

  9. A Permit Place Card must be hung from the review mirror of any vehicle parked overnight. Failure to do so may result in a summons being issued.  

  10. Permits must be removed before vehicle is driven. Violators are subject to a summons for obstructed view.

  11. A $5.00 cash deposit is required for each permit issued. This deposit will be refunded to the applicant when the permit is returned to the GRPD Records Bureau Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM and a Saturday 10AM to 2PM. No after hours returns will be accepted. Permits must be returned within five (5) days of expiration.

  12. Any permit not returned within thirty (30) days will result in forfeiture of deposit.



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