City Council Postpones Paying $13G Legal Bill

A resolution to approve the expense will be on the agenda of Wednesday's meeting.

An unexpected $13,000 bill to lawfirm Okin, Hollander & DeLuca caused some discussion on Wednesday night.

Okin, Hollander represented the city during bankruptcy negotiations and litigiation when it sold the Hoboken University Medical Center.

The cost of the lawyers — more than $500 an hour — has been a point of discussion before.

"A lot of things are routine and can be handled by your office," Councilman Michael Russo told Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo on Wednesday.

"This was a very complex bankruptcy matter," Longo said.

The $13,000 is an outstanding bill for work that has already been done by the firm.

"Thirteen thousand is not a lot of money in comparison to what they already received, it’s not about the amount of money," said Russo. "Our vendors need to be held to the contracts that they sign ... and that's why I am taking a stand tonight."

Longo said her office sent out letters to law firms currently working for the city to see how much outstanding work will be billed for. She said that it's not a guarantee that Okin, Hollander won't send another bill, "but it's unlikely."

A vote on the measure was postponed until next week. The $13,000 bill will be back on the agenda on Wednesday December 2.

recallbethmason November 29, 2012 at 09:21 PM
really mike? seriously we have bigger problems? so clueless...
Ojo Rojo November 30, 2012 at 04:50 PM
The legal bills surrounding that hospital sale and bankruptcy would have been a whole lot smaller had the minority not been such obstructionists and done everything in their power to tank the sale and close the hospital for good.
puzzledone November 30, 2012 at 08:44 PM
If he would follow up on that $300,000 in health care benefits that his father illegally recieved after being arrested, he could cover this amount and have another $287,000 for the city coffers.


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