Council Says No to District's Parking Request

School officials had asked the Ridgewood Village Council to take over parking spots on a public street, which would kick students out in favor of teachers

If teachers want primo parking spots at RHS, they'll have to get up early and beat the students to the punch.

The Ridgewood Village Council on Wednesday night unanimously agreed to dismiss the school district's proposal that public parking spots on Heermance Place be taken over by the district.

To alleviate the capacity-filled high school lot and hold more teachers on-site, on the public street. Those without a permit would be towed if they're there during school hours, he said.

Fishbein sent a letter Wednesday to Gabbert, who informed the council that he didn't have time to read it before the meeting. "I think it was providing additional clarification on the issues raised," he speculated.

No matter, the council had made up its mind.

"I think it's a bad idea to set for this kind of thing on village streets," Deputy Mayor Tom Riche said.

"I understand their need," said Mayor Keith Killion, prefacing his belief it was not an agreement he thought the village "would want to enter into."

Hilary Jones March 08, 2012 at 05:29 PM
I am happy with this outcome, as well, but for a different reason. As the mother of a child who frequently "lifts" at the RHS weight room at 6 am--and there are a number of kids who do so--the parking on Heermance Place is convenient, especially at that very early hour, when walking from the Vets parking lot and crossing the bridge(which is not even an option right now!) would necessitate arriving at around 5:45 or so!
JV March 10, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Whether one agrees or not with the decision, it is disturbing to read that the village manager appears once again to have engaged in questionable behavior. For him to state that he did not have time to read a letter from the superintendent, and then offer speculation that it might have contained "additional clarification on the issues raised" is difficulty to understand. No one is that busy. I cannot imagine that the letter he received was so long that he could not read it. It is arrogant. If anyone working for the school district admitted not being fully informed in making a decision, and then speculated about the information they chose to ignore, there would likely be lots of criticism and calls for heads to roll. Did anyone on the council even comment? It's embarrassing.
James Kleimann March 10, 2012 at 03:34 PM
JV, The council just kinda breezed by the statement. I get the sense their minds were made up, letter or not.
JV March 10, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Thanks, James, that seems to be pretty clear. Perhaps the deeper story concerns the relationship between the council and BOE, and the manner in which one government leader treated another...
Jeffrey M Morrison March 14, 2012 at 12:08 AM
What has become of Ridgewood’s love and respect for their educators? To not provide the faculty and staff ample parking adjacent to the high school is ludicrous. The Village Council stated in their rejection of additional parking for the high school’s staff, that most of them do not live in Ridgewood and the village residents would be angry at taking away spots from students who live here. What political cowardice!! The fact that many teachers live outside the village, means that they are required to drive to school. When the, too few, reserved spots fill up, the remaining teachers have the Hobson choice of using the Graydon South Parking Lot, or parking illegally and risk a ticket. To ask teachers, who are older and lugging computers, books and other equipment to walk from Graydon South to the high school, while students have spots nearer to the building is unfair and disrespectful, the equivalent of allowing a pregnant woman to stand on a subway while healthy individuals remain seated. As to the weight lifter who arrives at 6 AM he can leave at 7:30 and allow a teacher to occupy that spot during school hours. Have we devalued the status of our educators so much that their needs can be cavalierly equated with those of their students? Next we should start having the teachers address the students as Mr. or Miss and the students address the teachers by their given name.


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