Council to Officially Knock Down 'H-Zone' Ordinance Tuesday Night

Source says Valley CEO Audrey Meyers will address the council

The Ridgewood Village Council is expected to sign a resolution Tuesday night denying the introduction of an ordinance that would have paved the way for to double its size in a $750 million expansion effort.

At last week's penultimate Valley "H-Zone" hearing, , one that would have amended the land use section of the Master Plan.

The council members argued potential foundation damage to nearby homes, a strain on the village infrastructure, safety concerns for children at neighboring B.F. Middle School, a "flawed" planning board process and a scale inconsistent with the neighborhood, were all strong reasons to vote "no" on the "Renewal" plan.

Valley Hospital – – lobbied the council to approve the ordinance. Hospital officials and proponents stated that the consequences of not "modernizing" could be dire – Valley's path, they contended, could follow that of hospitals to have gone insolvent and disappeared.

A source close to Valley CEO Audrey Meyers said the top hospital official will address the council Tuesday night. Meyers appeared last week and stated at the last hour of a five year process that the hospital was willing to "compromise" on a variety of concerns, though she did not indicate there were plans to reduce the size of the proposal.

Several village officials said there likely will be little discussion on the council's end, spare passing a resolution affirming the council statements last week. A large crowd is again expected to appear at 's Campus Center at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.


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