Does Hopatcong Have a Deer Problem?

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Hopatcong Councilman Mike Francis is drafting an ordinance that would on borough-owned land.

Francis said he hopes to finish the ordinance and present it to the council soon. He said deer caused 45 accidents in Hopatcong in 2009, 53 in 2010 and 114 in 2011.

He also said a deer-management plan could help lower the risk of Lyme disease to borough residents.

So, what do you think?

Does Hopatcong have a deer problem? Are there just too many of them? And what problems have they caused you or people you know?

Or are you fine with the amount of deer in the borough? Or maybe you're against hunting, in general?

Tell us in the comments.

Joe February 03, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Last night on Fox 5 news, there was a story about a man who was denied parole after serving 2 years FOR!!!! Accidently killing a little girl who was in her Grandparents House(trailer). He had just come down from a blind and shot at a deer, missing the bullet went into the trailer killing the girl(6 years old). He stated he was a experienced hunter. 2 things here. accidents will happen!, so to be blind and say its ok to hunt deer in town is insane. By my house there are kids in the woods all the time, teenagers partying and just hanging out. the other thing is this fellow on the news is complaing that he was denied parole after on 2 years,(he claims he made a deal for 2 years). Would you want a child in this town to accidently get killed and the person only serve 2 years in Prison? This town is overly populated with deer and people, and kids in the woods are allways going to be doing things they should not be doing, but losing your life just for hanging in the woods and to many deer is not good. I am not against hunting but not in a populated town like Hopatcong, Find another way to trap the deer without guns or arrows that can BY ACCIDENT KILL!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara R. Loring February 05, 2012 at 06:27 PM
THe deer have eaten most of my shrubs, forget about the flowers. My guess is the deer have cost me about $30,000 in landscaping this past year. There are far too many of them. We must consider our health as well as the health of the deer. THey're are far too skinny, not enough food for them to eat. They are eating things they have NEVER eaten before. Help!!!! Barbara L.
JustMe February 06, 2012 at 05:33 PM
We have between 40 and 50 deer lingering all day every day in our yard, street and immediate vicinity. Neighbors feed them regularly. There is not a solution to stopping them from eating all plants; We have tried everything...seriously everything! The Lyme disease rate is skyrocketing in Sussex County. The effects of Lyme are many from learning disabilities in children to loss of mobility over time. I suggest reading up on the disease and getting tested; I know more people in Hopatcong who have it than do not. Years ago seeing one or two deer occasionally was nice however now they are as welcome as rats or roaches. Something needs to be done, Spring is coming and even more babies with it.
Joseph Buongiorno February 07, 2012 at 10:46 PM
We absolutely have a deer problem. I have lived here for 38 years. The last few years the deer have been out of control. It used to be that you would see one every so often. Now they are here every day. I live in Elba point. One of my neighbors contracted Lyme disease. Another neighbor’s dog also contracted the disease and had to be put down. Virtually all of my landscaping that took years to develop is gone. Just look at the deer hit statistics; they more than doubled in one year. I know, because I was number 114. It happened on New Years Eve as we were heading out for dinner. I was traveling south on Lakeside Blvd approaching Brooklyn Mtn Road when a deer leaped out in front of me. I hit it while it was still in the air. Never saw it because it was not on the shoulder when it left the ground. Over $4000 worth of damage. Lees than a week later, there was another deer lying on the side of the road in almost the exact same spot as the one I hit. No, the problem is there has been no culling of the deer herds and this problem will only get worse until the deer get diseased from insufficient food. That is what happened in The Great Swamp preserve in Morris County. What really needs to be done is to sterilize some of the deer so that they do not reproduce so quickly. It is only a matter of time before a Borough citizen is severely injured in an auto accident. Councilman Francis is making a good start, but more will have to be done.
Matilda February 09, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Yes. We have a deer problem. I see herds of them in my yard in the morning and sometimes all day long. I see footprints in the snow in my yard. For years I had a nice vegetable garden and no obvious deer problem, but 3 years ago it started to get eaten. I tried it again the next year and the same thing. I actually saw the deer eating the plants. I stopped planting a vegetable garden hoping the deer would go somewhere else, but they didn't. I still have them in my yard eating the other plants and living under my bushes. I love to watch them. They are really beautiful animals, but they are getting out of control. One night when I was walking my dog, one of them actually leaped out of the bushes and ran right in front of me. I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack. It really scared me.


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