'Fast Food' Related Frozen Yogurt Hearing, Cell Tower Ap Delayed

Due to a short board, an application to cool down the CBD was delayed; cell tower ap at cemetery moved to December

Due to the absence of several members Tuesday night, a yogurt shop owner elected to wait for a full zoning board to try and conquer restrictions of Ridgewood's controversial 'fast food' ordinance.

Red Mango LLC, which purchased the space at 43 E. Ridgewood Ave. after Quiznos closed earlier this year, is requesting a use variance to allow the sale of frozen desserts.

–which requires that businesses sell food and drink in glassware, plates, silverware along with a host of other restrictions in the aim of keeping out 'traditional' fast food restaurants–no formal action has been taken.

It effectively means if a business selling frozen yogurt wants to get into Ridgewood, it needs a use variance. The meeting has been carried to October 25.

Another application with greater implications than meets the eye also was delayed.

Zoning Board attorney Bruce Whitaker said the hearing to review has again been pushed back, this time to December 13.

Legal documents show Verizon was approved by the New Jersey Cemetery Board in January to build a tower at Valleau, with 15 percent of lease payments to be deposited into the cemetery's trust fund.

T-Mobile currently operates a tower on the corner of Route 17 and Franklin Turnpike, near the cemetary. Like other recent cell tower proposals, this too is expected to meet residential backlash.

Lisa Ertle October 13, 2011 at 02:30 AM
Would be nice to have a place that offers some low-cal frozen treats. I believe there is one in Montclair across from Raymond's on Church Street.
Elliot Bloom October 13, 2011 at 07:19 PM
Thanks Lisa! We own the store on Church Street as well. Come visit us, soon!


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