Garden Proposed in Remembrance of Kelly Creegan

Gary Cirillo, of Project Pride, said the proposed plan would incorporate a bronze statue and plaque in honor of Kelly Creegan, a Ridgewood six-year-old who tragically died last fall.

The head of Project Pride says with the blessings of her parents and the village council, a memorial garden will be set up at for , the six-year-old who died in a driveway last November.

Gary Cirillo, of Project Pride, which beautifies public spaces in town, approached the council Wednesday night outlining a prospective plan in the park. According to plans, a small bronze statue and plaque with her initials would be constructed, as well as a spot for hopscotch and a small seating area for children.

The plan calls for a 30-by-30 space on the northwest side of the park set behind East Ridgewood Avenue, he said. It would be visible from the street.

Cirillo said the Creegans have no wishes for further memorials in town. "They don't want their other children to be constantly reminded of it," he said.

According to Cirillo, the $9,000 project – privately funded – would not affect the flow of the park.

An outline of the plan will be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Committee and a recommendation later brought to the council for final approval.

Julia May 01, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Do you mean he brought a "prospective" plan? What is a "perspective" plan? Also -- can you post a copy of the plan? I'm having a hard time picturing it and 30 x 30 feet seems rather large.
James Kleimann May 01, 2012 at 04:05 PM
You're quite the proofreader, Julia. Per the discussion, he'll be drafting a plan to present to the P&R Committee. If I had it, I'd post it.


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