Preserve Graydon Endorses Pucciarelli, Killion and Shinozuka

Group criticizes Aronsohn, mum on Forenza and Hauck.

Following the candidate's debate that saw a , the Preserve Graydon Coalition (PGC) on Tuesday publicly expressed support for three council candidates.

In a message sent to supporters, co-chairs Alan Seiden and Marcia Ringel urged members to vote for planning board vice chairman , Mayor Keith Killion and candidate .

"All three are Planning Board members who support Graydon’s inclusion on the Village’s historic site list," the organization said in its statement. "We believe they will enact effective, prudent policies to keep Graydon natural and make it increasingly successful."

Beyond expressing support for the candidates they feel best represent their interests, the organization's leadership didn't shy away from criticizing Councilman , who made a public plea to voters to support himself, Pucciarelli and at the Monday night debate.

"Mr. Aronsohn has demonstrated a lack of sensitivity and independent thought about Graydon, which he has used for political grandstanding," PGC wrote, criticizing Aronsohn's 2009 op-ed in which he supported renovating the pool.

"His attempts to demand the construction of a useless, unsafe $75,000 concrete ramp into the deep end of Graydon despite our proposed alternatives for a full year belie his claims of frugality and concern for accessibility," PGC said.

Aronsohn on Monday night did not mention any possible sweeping changes. Instead, he said the village needs to focus on increasing membership within the village and also .

The organization, which has fought any efforts to transform the sand-bottom swimming area into a concrete pool, made no mention of candidates Russell Forenza – – and Gwenn Hauck in its endorsement statement.

"I want to state emphatically for the record that I want to make no changes to Graydon Park," Hauck said Monday night in response to a question from the audience. "And I'm not interested in building another swimming pool in Ridgewood because we don't have the funds right now."

Graydon and in recent years opponents pushed for an exploration of a request for proposals (RFP) that would have seen a .

Water quality also came into focus after the family of a . PGC (waterpark-like equipment) over products that would help make the water clearer.

Previous recipients of Preserve Graydon's political endorsements, , were elected in 2010 and Steve Wellinghorst  after the death of Annie Zusy.

All three were also endorsed by Concerned Residents of Ridgewood, a grassroots group that has opposed the Valley Hospital expansion plans. Much like the hospital expansion skeptics, Preserve Graydon candidates have not lost an election.

Elections take place Tuesday, May 8. Three seats are up for grabs, each a four-year term. 

Lisa Ertle May 03, 2012 at 02:43 AM
I swim in a pond to avoid sharks. I find all of that gnashing of teeth is so unpleasant. Mr. Concerned Ridgewood Dad perhaps you ought to bravely use your own name---now that sir, would be refreshing.
News Man May 03, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Thanks Lisa, please view your profile page for some requested updates if possible. Stay well and safe.
Joe Joe May 05, 2012 at 05:35 PM
ok News Man. Someone needs to do some research and figure out exactly how much money is comes in from the snack bar, and what exactly is payroll, cost of goods, utility, etc and show the community its net profit / (loss). Then, show us exactly the income and expenses for pool operation. Some from within City Hall claim that the pool makes money but the income is diverted to other accounts in the general fund. Mr. Gabbert, who received a big fat raise last year, should clear the air the pool income and expense, once and for all. From all the nonsense going on, one would think that the village managers are trying to sabotage the pool operation.
jp1 May 05, 2012 at 05:52 PM
The judgement is on appeal as it should be.
jp1 May 05, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I was living in town as a teenager and did not go to Graydon much because we went to the shore,home pools Cape Cod etc., personally i still have yet to meet anyone who has gotten sick or come home with green hair when swimming at Graydon.


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