Community Facility Considered By Regional Center

Councilman Matthew Moench opposes spending money to research potential plan.

The Regional Center Partnership—which covers Bridgewater, Somerville and Raritan—has voted to request grant money for building a community center in the region.

According to township Councilman Matthew Moench, at a recent meeting of the Regional Center Partnership, there was a proposal to request $100,000 in grant money from the state for a center.

“I was the lone dissenting vote for this,” he said.

If received, the grant money will pay for an investigation into building a community center in the regional center—and he said he thinks that’s a little wasteful, Moench said.

“I voted against it because I can think of some infrastructure projects that could help the quality of life better,” he said. “I could not support the idea of looking into an idea for that amount of money, and I thought there were better projects that we could be submitting than this particular one.”

Moench said the idea is that employers like cultural items, and building a community center could encourage businesses to stay in the area.

But Moench was the only dissenting vote and the request was approved.

“They said there is time to change this request, and this is a placeholder,” he said. “But if we don’t get in line, we lose the chance [for the grant money].”

What do you think Bridgewater? Would a community center be beneficial for the regional center, and where should it go?

BradleyBoy September 27, 2012 at 10:31 PM
What were the better projects? He never says.
stewart resmer November 07, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Bradle you got that right , could it be he is just being disagreeable and obstructionist playing the venal toady of the Tea Party agenda? Or perhaps even spitefully playing politics over statesmanship in the best interests of the People? I mean really a community center? You know like where youth and aged alike might go to grow, learn, spend the while away in the company of seniors, a place for community building? An emergency shelter during times of peril, like say? Oh? I dunno hurricanes?


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