Ridgewood Library Installs 3D Printer for Patrons' Use

After an intro event, the library will likely add 3D printing classes and allow patrons to use it for a fee.

Ridgewood residents now have the opportunity to use a 3D printer, thanks to donations to the village library.

According to a recent release from the library, it'll be kicking off its summer tech season with a live demonstration of its new 3D printer on June 28 at 10 a.m. The printer was paid for by the Friends of the Ridgewood Library, a fundraising group that supports purchases and events at the library.

Library reps say they have a busy schedule lined up for the printer after the June 28 event, starting with a lineup of labs and classes to introduce library patrons to the printer and what it can do. It then plans to move in to themed classes geared toward all ages, like make your own cell phone case classes.

“Long-term, we envision having our patrons use the 3-D printer in a similar way to our 2-D machines,” Library Public Relations Manager Jin Lee said.

“We will likely charge a usage and materials fee (patrons pay only a materials fee for our regular printers). Since 3-D printing requires a considerable amount of time, we think we'll institute a usage fee for fairness, hopefully allowing as many people as possible a chance to print their projects [as possible].”

JAFO June 19, 2014 at 08:45 AM
only in Ridgewood...
Sally G June 19, 2014 at 06:22 PM
I totally understand the materials fee, but the usage fee simply ensures that those with more money can use it. It does not affect the number of projects that can be created. Hmm, I guess if you do a big project it would take longer and delay the next person longer, but that is true on a 2-D job as well—graphics take longer than text. I understand the “only in Ridgewood” comment, but accessible by any BCCLS member with card, right? I am certainly curious.


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