Saddle River Sewage Line, Erosion Woes to Cost Between $400 and $650K

Fix must be done before the winter and includes not just a new sewer system, but the placing of large boulders in the bank of the river

The village council will likely make an emergency declaration to repair a sewer line and enact preventative erosion measures to the Saddle River, which could tally at least another $400,000 to the .

"We had a major, major disaster following Hurricane Irene, which was the complete washing away of the Saddle River sewer system just west of Route 17," said Village Manager Ken Gabbert last Wednesday at the council meeting.

Since the destruction in late August, the village has been spending roughly $23,000 a month to bypass the sewage just beyond Route 17 into a manhole.

But several long-term fixes are needed, Gabbert told the council last Wednesday.

Per the Engineering Department's estimate, the cost is project at between $400,000 and $650,000. It's not a simple sewer line fix, either.

"We literally have to go into the Saddle River, rebuild a bank with major rocks . . . to stop any possible washing away in the future," Gabbert said.

He reported the bank has shifted 25 feet inland due to the storms. Because there is a great risk that the winter could damage any work, Gabbert said after the meeting he expects work to be completed in November.

The village will be putting in a claim to FEMA and much of the cost is expected to be covered, Gabbert reported.

"We will not get the full amount but if we could get 75 to 80 percent range we'd be doing well," he said.

When flood repairs are totaled throughout the village, it could cost upwards of $900,000, Gabbert reported. He's previously said he hopes 65 percent or more will be covered by FEMA claims.

Deanne Dunne October 12, 2011 at 01:06 PM
After the bank of the Saddle River is rebuilt, will this be reported to FEMAs division of flood insurance policies? In other words could this at some point affect the neighbors who currently are forced to pay flood insurance because of the proximity to the Saddle River? Would some homes be excused from the flood insurance eventually?


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