Should Congress, Federal Workers, VP Get Pay Raises?

President Barack Obama signed an executive order last week calling for the pay raises, according to reports. Do you agree with the move? One Fort Lee resident calls on people to speak out on the issue.

Editor's note: United Republican Club of Fort Lee vice president Keith Jensen submitted the following Op-Ed to Patch for publication:

To be a leader and accept a raise when you know it is in error, was given as political patronage, or when the salary and benefits are simply not justified relative to the reality of our economy does not demonstrate greatness; especially as a public official.

It can be done. Freeholders Hermansen and Driscoll took a 25 percent pay cut for their positions when they took office, and I ask for bi-partisan comments where others have done so alike.

When I was in the Army, there was an administrative error where I was being promoted to 1LT six months ahead of schedule because at the time it was mandatory to remain in rank for two years. I had brought that up to my S1 (Battalion admin officer). Consequently, my promotion was put back on track.

To our newly elected representatives, congratulations on your new victory. I hope my request falls on noble ears, and I ask that people speak out on the President's recent executive order, thus giving pay raises to the VP and many others, according to this Huffington Post article.

Even as Congressman Rothman leaves, he can notably make a statement in principal on this. With the others being re-elected, it would be great to hear them take a position too. Please let them know:







Alfreddie January 02, 2013 at 06:30 PM
Raises? How can that possibly be a consideration? NO! How about healthy care and pensions? They should also be adjusted down for federal workers to be more realistic as well. How can we agree to pay for things that are so out of line? When I am faced with great financial demands, I cancel family vacations and organize other ways to connect with my loved ones, for free. Why is it OK for Obama to take TWO trips to Hawaii when the country is in such a terrible financial situation. How is that possible? Why could he not just remain home with his family and skype with his relatives in Hawaii? Can you imagine the carbon foot print? I am ... outraged and helpless. That is just one small example of the horrible decisions that are being made. What kind of model is that for our country?


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