Chatham H.S. Ranks 20th in State, NJ Monthly Says

School drops 12 spots from No. 8 two years ago.

 was ranked as the No. 20 high school in the entire state by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

Two years ago, when the rankings were last released, the school was ranked 8th.

Of the 19 schools the publication ranked higher, three were from Morris County.

NJ Monthly uses information from the state Department of Education to develop its rankings, which only takes into account public schools in the state. Student performance and student outcomes were the most heavily weighted to determine the rankings, followed by school environment.

New Providence High School, in Union County, was ranked No. 1. Nearby Madison and Summit high schools were ranked 6th and 15th, respectively. Madison was joined in the top 10 by fellow Morris County schools Kinnelon (5) and Mountain Lakes (7).

To see the full list of schools, click here.

avid reader August 27, 2012 at 05:45 PM
LJ Rocket - I don't think Dunkin read your article, because I found it fascinating and have done additional research. Everything I am reading proves the negative impact of homework and there is no evidence that I could find supporting it. Absolutely, in the higher levels we need more teachers with higher degrees. The problem is that Chatham has a very high salery guide compared to other districts I was looking at and searching. They are getting large increments for only a BA. Math, Science and English at HS should at least have a MA.
Wiserowl August 27, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Am I to believe Chatham High School does not know how to properly document a legitimate transfer from one school to another? Aren't student records transferred to receiving schools from sending schools? Is this nothing more than a clerical problem Ms. Tavtigian? As for "off-trackers" taking more than four years to graduate as suggested by Duncan Munchkin; is the Department of Education being insensitive to classified students who may need more time? We, as a community, should know if our learning disabled children are being unfairly targeted as "under-achievers" by the Department of Education or that information is being misused by NJ Monthly in their school ranking methodology. Chatham's Own responded to my initial post by noting: "i can think of 5 students who dropped out to pursue careers as plumbers and electricians. as well as one other student who went to work for his dad in the Heating/ A/C business." That would suggest dropping out of school without a diploma is a concern. This warrants a response by the Superintendent of Schools Chatham Patch. Why haven't we heard from him?
avidreader August 28, 2012 at 11:53 AM
I suppose everyone forgets that this year the US News and World Report ranked Chatham # 7 in the state, the highest rated traditional public high school (non magnet, etc.). So obviously there must be differences in how these rankings are calculated, and there are. You can't even compare this year's NJ Monthly rankings to the previous ones because the criteria has changed. And if you bothered to look up the numbers, Chatham's HSPA scores and SAT scores have only increased. Sure, class size has too. If you notice, none of the "top" high schools in NJ Monthly are large districts. I went to a high school twice the size of Chatham and was in large classes, but most of us still did well. Large class sizes aren't optimal, but aren't the worst for a high school. I did better in college because I was used to being one of many and working hard to stand out, while the private school kids who were used to being one of fifteen did poorly because no one was there to hold their hand. Regarding the $ spent on the security system...if there were some school shooting or tragedy, I guarantee that some of you would be quick to bemoan the fact that CHS didn't have good security. And compared to many other high schools, ours has been traditionally lax. As for the graduation rate, again, it sounds like the way it was calculated was questionable. Plus, would you rather CHS just "push kids through" even if they are not meeting standards like many other high schools just to look good?
Fiona August 28, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Aesop, who did not attend Chatham High School, warned that Pride Preceeds a Fall. This inconsequential drop by a generalist state magazine lacking teeth is the best thing that could happen to Chatham High School. Coasting at the top is never the way to excellence.
PaddleTennisPlayer August 29, 2012 at 01:28 PM
So what the concern here is about the seven students who don't receive diplomas? I mean I agree with the idea of those seven students dropping out of school for a family business or a plumbing job, but still losing seven students is the catastrophic thing here. Chatham is a fantastic school district for every grade. Back to the last topic, the idea of hiring teachers with higher degrees is terrible because those teachers tend to be the those teachers who are the rude and strict ones that the students hate. Using the salary of these teachers compared to their reviews on a website that is popular to Chatham district students. The website is www.ratemyteachers.com, but the teachers who have the bigger pay usually have the lower rankings. But most of these teachers have tenure.


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