Angelo DeSimone Announces Retirement

The business administrator has spent eight years in Ridgewood Public Schools.

Ridgewood Public Schools Business Administrator and Board Secretary Angelo DeSimone will be calling it a career at the end of the current school year, he announced Monday night.

DeSimone, 64, was hired in Ridgewood in 2005. Apart from managing a $90 million budget, he helped lead the recent $48 million school referendum that saw major upgrades to virtually all of Ridgewood's antiquated school buildings.

"It's been the best years as a BA I've spent," DeSimone said. "I like working in Ridgewood."

DeSimone said he's looking forward to taking a Hawaiian vacation with his wife in July and doing some traveling in retirement.

The district has not made any announcements regarding a replacement. DeSimone makes just over $147,000, according to district documents.

Here is a copy of the letter DeSimone sent to the board. It is unedited.

During my time in Ridgewood I was able to successfully perform the myriad tasks associated with the position of Assistant Superintendent for Business/Board Secretary because I was well supported first and foremost by you, second by the staff that comprises my sphere of responsibility, third by the district administrators, and last, but by no means least, the members of the Board of Education. I also need to say that the support of my fellow business administrators helped me carry the day in many circumstances. My favorite part of “Edu-World” is the collegiality that is demonstrated by all participants in the management of school districts.

Deciding to retire was a much tougher and more emotional decision than I thought it would be. If I count the time I spent working in my father’s business, I have been working for fifty five years. As I contemplated retirement, I struggled with what to do with the extra time I will have because I won’t have a job to report to daily. I anticipate missing my colleagues. I anticipate missing the issues we face on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the timing of my retirement will allow me to enjoy and participate in Alexandra’s high school years. Also, I have acquired enough woodworking equipment to make Norm Abrams jealous and I need to use it so I can justify my investment and complete the projects that will make Carole happy to have me home.

Please know that I am available to help out in the transition to a new BA in any manner you deem necessary. I have enjoyed my time in Ridgewood and consider my time spent here a privilege. I wish to thank all of the staff of the Ridgewood Public Schools for their support and I wish the district success in the future.

James A Morgan December 19, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Congratulations to Angelo on his retirement announcement. I first met Angelo when he interviewed for the job in 2005. He was far and away the best candidate that applied for the position. Over the years, I have worked with him both from the position of a resident with a problem and a Board of Education member. No matter how difficult the question, I have always found him to be cooperative and professional. He is willing to listen to alternatives and tries to create solutions within a tight (and sometimes confusing) set of school regulations and law. His contribution will be missed. i wish he and his family a great future.
Bob Hutton December 19, 2012 at 07:39 PM
I would like to wish Angelo the best in retirement. He has served the Ridgewood Public Schools very well. I also participated in Angelo's hiring into the District. That was in my first term on the Board. For the balance of my next seven years, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Angelo in my role as the finance chair. It cannot be overlooked that it was Angelo and his desire to 'dry out' the high school that lead to the bonding that we eventually did -- a lot of planning and meetings. Thank you. He will leave the District and its buildings in much better shape than they were when he arrived.


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