GRHS Baseball Parents Petition District for Expedience

Report in Glen Rock Gazette says parents who fear the baseball field won't be ready for the upcoming season are looking to pressure the district into speeding up construction work.

Parents who fear the new Glen Rock High School baseball field won't be ready in time for the spring season have circulated a petition to press the district, according to a recent report in the Glen Rock Gazette.

As Patch reported last week, Glen Rock High School baseball parent Denise Blind took aim at what she felt was a slower-than-warranted process to have the outfield re-sodded, a new infield created, along with the installation of bullpens, a batting cage as well as a protective fence cover.

Bids are expected to go out in December with construction estimated to commence in early-to-mid January, Business Administrator Michael Rinderknecht said at the school board meeting.

Creating greater urgency to complete portions of the overall capital project wouldn't be unprecedented. The school district recently accelerated work to the oft-delayed multi-purpose field to salvage the football and soccer season.

With 150 signatures on the petition, Blind is again repeating a familiar mantra from the baseball community – Why not us?

Blind told the Gazette she was unsure if the petition would make an impact.

"But at least it will show the board how upset people are that the baseball field is being treated with less importance than the other parts of the project," she told the paper.

Rinderknecht has denied work to the baseball field could have moved more quickly, telling Blind engineers had to determine how much soil unsuitable for the multipurpose field could be used to re-grade the outfield.

Only the eight days lost to the hurricane led to any slowdown, he maintained. A discussion of the baseball field is expected at the Dec. 10 board meeting.

John Hahn December 03, 2012 at 01:38 PM
"to salvage the football and soccer season." hardly salvaged. Football had 1 game? Boys Varsity Soccer had 2 games. And yet the trustees got re-elected. No accountability. Rinderknecht, given a raise & bonus, is not accountable. The students lose out not the contractors, trustees or business manager.
Mark Ruckhaus December 03, 2012 at 09:35 PM
HS baseball has always been a bastard stepchild in Glen Rock. The field has always been crap; the infield is like trying to play on your driveway and the only reason the outfield looks green is because of the weeds. Throw in all the divots from the youth soccer that's played there in the fall and the drop off (almost a step) from the dirt area around the plate to the first base bench (a prime place to hyperextend a knee) and the field, at least as it was, was just this side of dangerous. Maybe someone will finally grasp the concept of a grass infield and an outfield that gets rolled in addition to mowed. Oh, one question... Those distance markers on the outfield fence that I gave to the team six years ago (322 to LF, 358 to LC, 348 to RC and 308 down the RF line)--where did they go?
Rene December 04, 2012 at 04:19 PM
This is a complete JOKE. As Mr. Hahn said, ONE Football game, and TWO soccer games, and that is considered salvaging the season. How about the lost revenue for the booster club that will hurt the students as well. There was NO graduation last year, no soccer for two years, no football or lacrosse this year, but the BOE gets away with this, as does the SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, who are by far, the highest paid individuals in the town. UNREAL.
glenrocker15 December 14, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Excellent points Mark - you are right on the money (pun definitely intended)! Certain people may recall several years ago, that the pitchers mound was the site for the football game rally "bonfires". In any event, the necessary renovations to the GRHS baseball field are extensive and if done, should be done correctly over time - not some slipshod job done just to pacify a group of parents. Is the mountain of dirt behind the outfield going to be properly sifted to remove all rocks and stones (an outfielders best friend) or just spread around and topped with seed so that the stones will rise to the top as the dirt begins to settle? Just take the baseball field off-line for 2013, do the job right, stay within budget and re-open for 2014 and future seasons. Since when it this a fiscal emergency that the BOE needs to "dip" (sic "ransack") into the capital budget?


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