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Ridgewood Schools Closed Monday, Tuesday

Village DPW pickups suspended through Wednesday. Village Hall, library will remain open on Monday.

Public school students from kindergarten through high school in Ridgewood can breathe easy and sleep in – Ridgewood Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Fishbein announced late Sunday afternoon that all village schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

"You look at the information that you have at the time and make a decision," he said of the decision process to Patch in an e-mail. "We have two days built into the calendar, so there is nothing to make up at this point."

In the message sent to parents at about 4:45 p.m. Sunday, Fishbein said school officials will "continue to monitor the situation."

He urged parents and students to take proper precautions and to stay updated by checking the village website and signing up for e-notices.

Mayor Paul Aronsohn said residents must take the storm seriously – Sandy is no joke.

"This storm will likely be very dangerous and very destructive," he told Patch Sunday night. "The key now is preparation. The key Monday and throughout the week will be cooperation and coordination."

Village Hall and the library will remain open on Monday. The village will determine if the municipal building opens on Tuesday depending on Monday's weather, Aronsohn said.

Meanwhile, recycling, trash and leaf pickups have been suspended from Monday-Wednesday.

The current projections forecast the storm to be more damaging with downed power lines and tress than in flooding. Ridgewood OEM said Sunday that the village could face winds up to 75 mph.

But with 3-5 inches of rain expected in a period of 36 hours, mass flooding is becoming less likely.

"It seems to be mainly a wind event, which is extremely serious but the likelihood of flooding is perhaps less than we originally feared," the mayor said.

That can always change, however, and it can change in a momen't notice.

"The good news is we had some lead time," Aronsohn said of preparations. "Everything is in place. Now we're wating and bracing for the storm." 

Glen Rock also announced it would also be closing schools on Monday and Tuesday. Borough Hall will be closed for business on Monday and Tuesday though it will remain open for residents to recharge electronics and dry off.

Waste, recycling and trash pickups are also suspended in Glen Rock.

Stay with Ridgewood-Glen Rock Patch for the latest on Sandy's impact in the borough and village.

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News Man October 29, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Thanks James, for a these link connections: Congratulations to Patch sites all over. My personal Patch travels this week have been very interesting indeed. I recommend to all posters here to do the.same. Lots of news, photos topics to explore. Yes there is a world beyond just your town.
Flygrl October 29, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Anyone know about Bergen Community College? Did they close as well?
James Kleimann October 29, 2012 at 02:49 PM
BCC is closed.
william knutsen October 29, 2012 at 05:59 PM
As a RHS graduate of 1964 (also Student Council President that year, just so you know) I would like to say, regarding "Sandy": Good luck everyone! However, folks, we were warned: scientist told us even fifty years ago that global warming would cause more hurricanes. Her in Denmark where I have lived for 19 years (long story; Danish wife), the state has taken the scientists seriously. Now, almost all electric lines are under ground. High voltage lines (mostly carrying juice from Norway, and being sent to the rest of Europe) are now also being put out of harm's way. Great expense, yes. But less in the long run than will be caused by future hurricanes and/or ice storms. Anyway, stay indoors and enjoy yourselves! At least Halloween will be spared. By the way: when did "Cabbage Night" change to "Mischief Night"? Is nothing sacred? Will Knutsen


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