Running for School Board, Elizabeth Markevitch Makes Reading #1 Priority

Elizabeth Markevitch is running for school board for the second time.

If you ask Elizabeth Markevitch, the biggest problem currently facing the school district is a lack of consistency in management.

"Every year everything is changing," Markevitch, 54, said in a recent interview. "The teachers and the students have suffered from a lack of consistency."

The other issue that needs to be tackled: reading ability of the district's students.

"Students know a lot," Markevitch said, "but their reading ability is very low." A way to fix the problem, Markevitch continued, is to add resources and hire more teachers to improve students' reading skills.

While Markevitch said that Superintendent Mark Toback has been addressing the issue, there still needs to be "incredible, incredible improvement."

As a parent of a high school student—Markevitch's daughter is in 11th grade—the candidate has said she is happy with the programs at the high school. Her daughter is taking Advanced Placement classes, takes part in the theater program and "has excellent teachers every year."

The AP program at the high school is another area where the district needs improvement, said Markevitch, who has lived in Hoboken for the last 26 years.

Part of the success has to do with the amount of parent involvement, another issue that should be addressed by the school board, according to the candidate.

"My husband and I have spent many hours and a lot of time helping our daughter," Markevitch said. "But I know that's not possible for all parents to do."

This is not the first time that Markevitch, who is a Republican, has run for school board. In 2010, she ran with Real Results, but didn't get elected.

While she said she is campaigning in much the same way, she feels better about it this time around.

"I think it’s very important to talk to as many people as possible and educating people about what’s going on," she said, "we weren’t able to do that enough in the last campaign."

Markevitch—together with Anthony Oland and Felice Vazquez—makes up the Move Forward ticket that is trying to take the majority of the school board from the Kids First coalition. While the two slates differ on many issues, there seems to be one area where all candidates agree: Superintendent Toback.

If elected, Markevitch said she, and her teammates, wouldn't "micro manage" Toback, indicating that that's what the current school board does.

In her professional life, Markevitch is an executive recruiter and a career adviser. She has been a frequenter of the meetings for the past few years.

When asked why people should vote for her, Markevitch said that she will advocate for the public and "listen to the community."

"I just think it's very important that when you have a great town," Markevitch said, "you have great schools."

Facts Alone October 26, 2012 at 06:36 PM
The last time Liz Markavich ran for school board the Kids First commander in chief Nancy Pincus drew one of her stoopid little photo shops and put Liz and her running mates heads in a toilet bowl full of poop. Never heard Ruth McAllister or Jean Marie Mitchell have anything bad to say about that. That's the classy kind of people they are. That's the kind of bullying tactics they use, so how can we expect the kids in the schools to act any better. What kind of people do that in a school board election? If they want to be any kind of role models for our kids they should speak out against bullying from their command and control center. No wonder the school district has one of the highest percentage of violent attacks of any district in the county. Didn't they mention that in their debate? Who backs Kids First? The shadowy private equity (heard of Bain Capital?) guy who must not know anything about the state of the schools in Hoboken. He gave them $7,800.!!! Has he ever heard that shrew Jean Marie Mitchell whine about how her kid doesn't get enough stuff? He needs a free laptop! He needs time alone in the swimming pool! No other kids should be able to use the high school pool if her son wants to use it. She says these things in board meetings!
Gardiner4Freeholder October 26, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Dear Leave Facts Alone- Jim Kocis is a business owner in Hoboken and is a large employer in Hoboken. He has a successful business and that creates jobs in Hoboken. Not only that he donates money help fund the Concerts in the Park and has been active in reform politics for years. His donations are well within the legal limits as there are three candidates. Beth and Ricky Mason can also be free to donate personally within the limits but Beth Mason chose to illegally funnel it through a PAC. Then she has the audacity to say the law doesn't apply to her because she disagrees with it. I joked in 2009 that she saw herself as Queen Mason going for the Mayoral coronation. Well she is the worse damn queen I ever saw in Hoboken politics if she thinks she is above the law. And she supports Move Hoboken Backward and disgusting midnight fliers. Jim Kocis is simply a a class act and solid Hoboken citizen that is chosing to support our children's future with Kids First instead of Pupie Petrosino Proxy that want to pilfer the public district schools.
I am Spartacus October 26, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Someone who gets it never would have associated their campaign w/ Frank Raia considering the mess the BOE was in during his tenure. Someone who is sincere would not only have condemned the midnight flyers and video van, but would have banned them from their campaign, outed them publicly and demand those tactics cease for good. Someone that is all about accountability would have immediately and without question returned any illegal campaign contributions. And someone that is about education, setting high expectations and setting a good example would make sure under no circumstances what so ever stoop to passing out checks to hundreds of voters in order to sway them. So tell Liz to act like she gets it, she is sincere, she wants to set an example and she cares about education b/c from where I sit the only thing she seems to care about is winning at all costs.
bubbles October 27, 2012 at 12:51 PM
You tell em, Facts! One slight criticism, uh- it's spelled Markevitch. You gotta add the t. Sorry bout that. It's a hard name. Next meetin, we'll be a lil more detail oriented on that issue. Oh yeah and uh, just to keep things on the believable scale- ya gotta avoid the "first commander stuff:" We got us enough adgita with the truck as it is. Not that ..ah forget it. You know what I mean. Oh yeah and can we stay away from the donation thing- we had them movin on to other subjects. Last thing we need is to remind them of the "donation situation", if ya know what I mean. One more teensie lil thing- Attackin district kids could make it look like we dont care about them and we gotta enough headaches as it is with the Nazi truck. Though I gotta say, maybe we taught the kids a lil somethin. Those kids gotta be askin their moms and dads about those pics we were showin. Kinda shows we think social studies is an important subject. Next meetin: new plan for the truck.
Facts Alone October 27, 2012 at 10:06 PM
FACTS that Kids First forgot to mention... SAT Reading Scores: 2006/7 mean score.for 115 students = 397 2011/12 mean score for 94 students = 369 SAT Math: 2006/7 mean score for 115 students = 405 2011/12 mean score for 94 students = 392 Congratulations Kids First!!! Just when you think things can't get worse, they manage to hit a new rock bottom. KF fans like to talk about a 10-year-old steak dinner because they have no clue what to do to make sure the kids in Hoboken schools know how to read. KF supporters make fun of Liz Markevitch for making reading a priority. Tells you a lot about them. look at the scores. if you think they are good enough, then vote KF. http://hoboken.k12.nj.us/hoboken/Recent%20News/Hoboken%20Testing%20Results%202011-2012.pdf


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